White wine recommendations (Jura/Savoie and Chenin)

Hi. I’m putting together a little white case for myself to try. Rich/aromatic/expressive wines mostly. Here’s what I have already:

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Château Mont-Redon 2017

Saint-Péray Roussanne, Domaine du Tunnel 2015

Saint-Péray ‘La Sauvagère’, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2017

Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc Comtesse Madeleine, Château de Montfaucon 2016

Languedoc, ‘Pourquoi Pas’, Château de Valflaunès 2017

And I need one more. Or maybe two, because I’m indicisive - a baker’s half-dozen? :thinking:

Any expereince or recommendations from these selections? I like interesting wines.




This isn’t from the Jura - it’s from Savoie, but should fall into your aromatic/expressive category nicely, I think:

This one from the Jura is very good too (as long as you don’t find an oxidised style too offensive):


This one is very good VFM:

I also like a demi-sec Vouvray style, but haven’t tried an example from TWS.

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Great selection @tom!
I have to say that as I have purchased 4 of the 5 that are already in your basket (although a few are different vintages)
Those are the styles of white I really enjoy.
Just to throw a curve-ball at you have you considered this?


@szaki1974 sang its praises very recently! Must add it to my next order…!

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Edited my title - the link does have Savoie, I was just being lazy :smiley:

I like Savagnin, but that Rousette does sound nice. Have you had it before? This could turn into a full case quite easily…

Yes, I’m sure it can turn into a full case! :smiley:

Had this Rousette before and it is very good example! Good with food too (chicken in cream sauce/white fish, even mild Thai curries). I do prefer the ones from Frangy, though; they seem to offer a bit more ‘body’ and floral notes. But this one’s a good introduction to the grape/style, if you haven’t tried it before.

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Sold! I’ll save Savagnin for another time.

Now to choose the Chenin…

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That Savagnin is delicious, although I like the Chardonnay from the same maker even more - not available from TWS though

The Jura selection is definitely an area the society could improve on


I’d love to explore it more, I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve tried so far. Still might make room for the Domaine de Montbourgeau Etoile chardonnay…

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If you like oaked Chenin then

Alheit are bit of a cult and usually Cartology is very difficult to get hold of.

The Cape has been growing Chenin for more than 360 years and they have more planted than all the rest of the world put together. If you’re drinking Chenin then you can’t ignore the Cape.


I’ve yet to try Cartology, I should orobabky splash out.

If you would reconsider the French regional I recommend this:

I have found Domaine Arena to be outstanding and interesting.


I’ve had the Vouvray mentioned by @Inbar above and its lovely. Quite complex. I have bought some more bottles, for the price its great.

Forgot about this one, which I thoroughly enjoyed last year, and which offers excellent vfm too:

Looks like i’m going to have to return to this thread another time for a Chenin case :smiley: :+1:

I ended up choosing the Roussette and this one:

but a lot of the other recommendations went on my wishlist, for next time!


I was just about to suggest the Savennieres , I haven’t had this one but its a style I love and always bring some back when in the Loire. This one is currently in my basket :yum:.

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If that case was wrongly delivered to my address I would not be contacting Member Services !

The Savennieres you chose to make up the numbers is the best dry white wine I’ve drunk this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Ive just reviewed a couple of whites in of all places Members reviews :sunglasses:

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Nice selection Tom. I’m a big fan of Domaine du Tunnel. The Roussanne is a georgeous wine with great stone fruit flavours and a long silky finish. Enjoy!

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