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White/rose matching challenge


Got a challenge for tomorrow night’s dinner…

having pasta with a rich venison and pancetta based ragu sauce. Red matching is sorted, but we have two white or rose only drinkers…

Was thinking along lines of an Alsace Pinot Gris or a suitably assertive rose, maybe Provence/Southern France or Italian.

Starter is beetroot with goat’s cheese.

Thoughts? I am limited to what I have in my cellar or what I can snaffle at supermarket…I have quite a bit of Alsace in cellar, couple of bottles of rose, not sure they are leaping out at me though…


A suitably rich Alsace Pinot Gris would work very well in my opinion.


For the rose, I’d go for one of these (or whatever is equivalent in the supermarket):

my notes on the Tannat say ‘It’s nice but you kind of feel the grape wants to be a red and is a little disappointed.’ but I think it might therefore go well with that dish!

The two middle ones were fabulous with beetroot and feta salad.

if you have a sainsbury’s near you their taste the difference bordeaux rose is great and would work.

no clue on the white I’m afraid.


A Tavel could handle this combo, I reckon. But depend on whether you got one. Failing that, a rich Alsace PG - as mentioned before- is definitely a good contender in my opinion.


Thanks all for your input.

The Alsace PG is sorted as have several quite full on examples in the cellar.

Don’t have a Sainsbury’s nearby here, Morrisons, Tesco, ASDA and M&S all within a mile or so though.

Was in Morrisons anyway (picked up some of their rather good halves of Oloroso and Palo Cortado for myself and 2 aunts’ Christmas hampers). There was a guy reducing the price on most of the more upmarket rose so I hung around and he took two quid off a Southern Italian Primitivo based rose which was the nearest match to those which @tom highlighted above.

Sadly, @Herbster I have to report that the YellowTail rose was not being reduced :smiley:. So much dross rose or ‘blush’ on the lower shelves, presumably sells though :frowning_face:, however they do have some half decent provence stuff too, now at lower prices. The Oloroso was reduced to £5.50 a half which is a very good price for what is a very decent sherry.


I was going to say Viognier (young Condrieu) for this, but I see you settled on the PG which is inspired and also better match to your beetroot and goats cheese course.


Haven’t got any Viognier about at present, except a single bottle of quite old Condrieu which I’m not opening for this!

Red is going to be a Brunello I think, augmented and preceded by the remains of the wine for cooking it…


Gosh, Venison with white or rose! I would suggest finding out what wines they like and serve those. I remember a sommelier once trying to tell my wife that she should not drink white wine with red meat. He got a very blunt response and she ordered what she liked to drink. On a slightly more practical note, I am thinking something quite mature - either Rhône or Burgundy. Another alternative could be a oaky Chardonnay from the new world.


Timorasso! A match just made for it


Well, in the end it was the Italian Primitivo rose, and a Morrisons Pinot Gris…which is wine I know they both like (one is my wife so I should know)

The rose was excellent with the goat’s cheese and beetroot starter. I didn’t have any with the ragu so can’t comment. However the PG was very good with it - the Morrisons wine, although entry level, is quite gutsy, and the inherent sweetness and body of it matched the venison well.

Not as good as this though…

which was a great match. Quite tannic on opening, even after a couple of hours decant, although it was a great foil for the richness of the ragu and the sweet dried fruit came across too.

Thanks agan for all suggestions.


Poor you! Having to struggle through the Brunello with your venison ragu while others swigged the Pinot Gris to their hearts’ content.