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White port and tonic anyone?


Hi all,

Now that the weather is getting warmer (I predict we have about 2 weeks before it starts snowing again), does anyone else enjoy white Port and tonic? Its such a refreshing summer drink - first had some a few years ago when I visited the Douro on my Travels in wine trip. Everyone always thinks Gin and tonic, but Port and tonic is slightly fruitier and is great chilled as a summer drink. Its unfortunately not that common to come across, think I had to resort to a supermarket for some last time.

What would you recommend with smoked trout?

I really enjoy this - much prefer it to gin and tonic! I find there is something “white vermouthish” about it as a mixed drink.

I’ve only ever had it with Taylor’s Chip Dry though… Any other white ports (suitable for tonic) that you’d recommend?


I think I had some of the Dow fine white port, however I haven’t really tried many, might make it my mission this year to find some more :slight_smile:


My husband has become enamoured with white port, which is now his favourite aperitif (though he also liked to drink it as a digestif - in other words - no real rules here!). He likes it neat, no tonic and slightly chilled. His current favourites are Cockburn’s

and M&S Fonseca dry white port

I find them both delicious aperitifs too :+1:


I’ve had a couple of more aged ones (a ten year old Portal and Ramos Pinto Adriano) which I really would recommend, but im not sure I’d mix them with tonic.


I’m a HUGE fan of Port & Tonic

My favourite experience was when I visited a Port producer (Quevedo, a small family operation, not one of the big boys) and we went on a long walk through - I should say DOWN - their vineyards to see the terraces, foraging ingredients on the way.

When we got to the river Douro, there was a boat waiting for our group. Rather than simply relaxing and enjoying the view - which was spectacular, we were split into two small groups, given a selection of mixers like Tonic and Lemonade, plus some fruit and our foraged leaves, fruit and herbs. Our goal was to make the best tasting White Port cocktail as we floated gently down river.

We won!

I don’t recall the exact ingredients (I have a blog post about it somewhere), but it was the setting, the fun, the relaxed attitude and the refreshment of the cool white port that made me a lifelong fan of the drink.

I’ve since introduced my whole family to it.

I usually end up with Chip Dry as the white port because of its availability and crispness (I tried it with some lovely Niepoort White once, but that is too rich and round - and was a waste of that particular lovely wine) and try to also remember to have some blueberries on hand for garnish & flavour


Think I might look to get a few white ports and try them on their own - as others have mentioned, some can be a bit too much to be part of a mixer. I would only ever mix it with a standard tonic rather than anything with any other flavour.


Lidl sell a white 2007 Porto Colheita Saint Clair. I bought a bottle last year but have never opened it. About time I did.

I can confirm it is still in stock, in New Oscott at least, as I noticed it this week when searching for the elusive claret.


Delicious! But that would be a shame I think - those ones (and the Niepoort mentioned by @robert_mcintosh ) are really for sipping. The “dry” white ports have about half the sweetness of the standard whites I think. There’s another category still, called “Lagrima” which is even sweeter than the standard, though I haven’t come across it in the UK.

The aged whites (10, 20 yrs etc.) are seriously rare by comparison. They get more like aged tawnies the older they get.


Indeed. I simply adored this (from the people I mentioned before)



Oh yum! But at that price, a rare treat I fear.


yes, I was lucky to taste it at Vinexpo one year, and at the winery a year or so later … but can’t afford the full bottle for myself :frowning:


Speaking of colours, has anyone tried a pink port…? Is it worth a trip to M&S?? :thinking:



yes, if you want to try making different drinks / cocktails with it … but not really to drink on its own. Bit gimmicky IMHO


Ok, thanks for the tip, @robert_mcintosh! I think I’ll hold off, then. So much else to drink, got to get my priorities right! :blush:


I imagine someone in a lab coat (colour optional) with a bottle of ruby and a bottle of white port and a mixing bowl.


Stumbled on white port & tonic a couple of years ago when it was a recommended aperitif at a restaurant. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the reminder @M1tch.


Just read a recipe a friend shared for a Madeira (rainwater) & tonic… And now really want to try it

But being a US magazine with gun promoting agenda I will not share the link

Thoughts? Probably not same as Port & tonic but intriguing, especially on a warm day like today


Rainwater (according to the mighty Wikipedia) has less than half the amount of residual sugar that port usually has in it, so it will be a noticeably drier drink once mixed. (never tried the mix myself)

(edited to add - I’ve just looked up the RS in Taylor’s Chip Dry port, which is v. similar to that of Rainwater, so that may be helpful. Personally, I find standard white ports to be too sweet when mixed with tonic).