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White Chateauneuf du Pape/ White Rhone

plus 1 for the Domaine Rousset, only tasted the 2016


I bought a case of the 2015 VT blanc from WS and have enjoyed all but 2 of them which I’ll be leaving for a while. It’s a unique and delicious wine, I’d say it’s quite a bit denser than most white CNdP and always starts off quite tightly wound with layers peeling off over the course of a meal that it’s paired with - I think it’s this quality that makes it stand out against more ‘ordinary’ white rhone wines. As good as the VT is, I’d probably always choose the Beaucastel which generally comes across as peachier and glossier to my palate, not a whole lot more expensive but sadly not available on WS at the moment.

My favourite white northern Rhône that the WS stocks has always been the Guigal St. Jo Lieu-dit.


Ah, wish I hadn’t read this thread! Saint Peray is a favourite chez nous along with Charpoutier and Ogier, so this Xmas we have ordered some OT CdP as a treat, long lusted after till now.
Disappointingly no one seems to have. Good word for it. It features on the Fine Wine re ent offer and the review is from an acknowledged expert, so why the down on it? Seems to be VFM ?
Too late for us but interested to know,

I’ve just bought one as well in my local Aldi £14.99…will report back in due course


White Ch9dp (or similar)… can anyone suggest a decent one for under £20 from TWS ?

My problem is I tried a few back in my early wine drinking days in the 80/ 90’s - most were overblown, fat & out of balance. The worst tasted like they had sat, oxidising on a wine merchants shelf for years, unloved and unwanted. So I assumed they WERE correct to style & white Ch9dp just wasn’t to my taste. Plenty of other wines out there to try etc.

I would be intrigued to have another go at this style?

Was impressed with this


The Voge St Peray (various cuvees) and the Guigal St Joesph (mentioned above) are both really good - I don’t think they give much away to e.g. Sorrel Hermitage Rocoules for 2-3 times the price.

I also liked Château de Montfaucon Côtes du Rhône Vin de Madame la Comtesse when i tried it - southern Rhone but similar feel to Voge and Guigal.

I’ve tried both the regular and VV Beaucastel blancs and been disappointed :sleepy:


It may be a little early to jump to conclusions, but it sounds like those of you who tried CnDP Blanc - especially examples from well known producers - don’t feel that it offers a more complex and/or pleasurable drinking than well-made examples from other Rhône appellations.

Still, @Luccasman - don’t despair! Who knows, but you may find that you feel differently when you pop the cork…?

Btw, I’m with you on the Château de Montfaucon CdR Blanc, @Bluebeard. We really enjoyed the 2014 ‘Comtesse Madeleine’.

I can’t see a more recent vintage on the list, but their 2016 Lirac Blanc is available (twice the price, though!):

Might have to try it at some point… :thinking:


From my experience, this is definitely the case. I much prefer other White Rhone Appellations (and as it stands two of my three wines of the year this year will be white rhones!). I (far more heretically) feel the same about the reds too though. I’ve never had a CnDP I felt was worth the money.


I think I would agree @strawpig regarding the red CNDP’s. I think that appellations like Gigondas, Rasteau and Vinsobres are much better value for money.



I love the subtle variances between producer and terroir in CDP and it’s well worth hunting out the good wines, I’ve had great bottles from Cristia and R. Usseglio this year that cost under £30 and probably beat anything else I’ve had in a similar price range.


Seems to be the essential factor - noticed this in several descriptions.

Has anyone tried the Domaine Barou Condrieu that TWS list?

Condrieu was my “revelation moment” with white wine, around 20 years ago, when I had some at a wine tasting and was completely blown away! Suddenly there was more to white wine than grassy Sauvignon Blanc and bland Pinot Grigio (to be fair I was not long out of Uni so hadn’t been drinking particularly well). I’ve rarely drunk it since because of the cost, but contemplating some for Christmas!

Thoughts on the Barou appreciated from anyone who may have tried it. There is also the Rostaing on the list, but £52 is a little steep for me, even for a special bottle!!

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A shame TWS no longer stock Gripa’s Saint-Peray.


I haven’t. I keep putting it into and out of my baskets.

The only wine of theirs I’ve tried is La Bonne Etoile. It’s their entry level Viognier from the Rhodannienes. Based on how good that is, I imagine the Condrieu is great, but I’ve not yet braved the plunge.

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The Les Pins appears on and off on the main list as it’s not offered en primeur, unlike his top Saint-Peray Les Figuiers. Both of these age wonderfully well beyond WS drinking dates, sometimes developing a nuttiness not unlike aged Meursault. Fabrice is a great guy to visit - pic from 2018.