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White Chateauneuf du Pape/ White Rhone

Thanks for the tip, @Bargainbob! We just got our paws on a couple bottles in our local Aldi! :+1:

Speaking of Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc, last year we had some white Mont Redon in our Brighton & Hove tasting group:

It was very good, but interestingly - most people (myself included) preferred this white Vacqueyras, almost half the price:

Both very good examples of White Rhone, for sure!


I’m looking forward to the magnum of Clos des Cazaux Vacqueyras Blanc 2018 which will feature on our table at Christmas.


Hey Inbar - hope you’re well and making your way through this wretched year ok!

I’ve had a bottle Les Clefs d’Or in the past and really enjoyed it. I’ve got their Vieilles Vignes white lined up for Christmas this year which I’m very much looking forward to. I have a couple of Mont Redon reds tucked away but haven’t tried one of their whites yet. I’m guessing the Clos des Cazaux was rather more subtle than the Mont Redon?


Hello back :wave::smile: nice to see you on the forum again! Hope you and the family are keeping well.

Actually, if I remember correctly (@MikeFranklin might correct me as he was there too) - the Vacqueyras had a lot more verve to it, with a nice combination of fruit but also herbaceous notes. I seem to remember the Mont Redon coming across more muted, less vivacious somehow. But perhaps it needed more time…

Hope the Vieilles Vignes brings you enjoyment this Christmas :+1:


I really can’t remember that far back and they were whites… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, Mike… one day we’ll convert you…! :grin:


The Cazaux white punches above its price level…same as the magnum they have too…


Thanks @Bargainbob for the White CNDP tip. Just got a case of six online with free delivery so all good!

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Sorry to revive this old weekend drink thread but just on this comparison between the 2.

I’ve always been hugely impressed by the Cazaux white - really knocked my socks off.

I bought a 6 pack of the Mont Redon 2017 and have drunk 1 and I was a bit meh about it but…
JLL says about it “This is good table wine with local presence, and stuffing. It will be great in its second life, around six or seven years’ old onwards.”
So maybe I need more patience.

But for instant gratification I would choose the Cazaux.


I had a three bottles of this very same CdP Blanc a few years ago. It was not my style and, like you, I found other wines from different southern appellations that better matched my taste. Have you tried Vieux Telegraphe white?

Around the same time, I also tried the whites from Grange des Peres, Trevaillon and Daumas Gassac, which are not only rare (except Gassac) but also quite good, with incredible depth while retaining some freshness.


No, I haven’t. Too expensive for my budget, and I can’t imagine it offering an expression of Roussane or Grenache Blanc, say, that I can’t experience elsewhere. What’s your thoughts about them? I probably could stretch to something like this, for a special occasion, I suppose… :thinking:

Interesting that you didn’t find the Mont Redon that thrilling either.

There seem to be some interest in white CnDP, and there’s certainly a lot of interest in White Rhone wines in general, so I thought I’d split and create a new topic. Post your white thoughts here… :+1:

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@Inbar save you money. It will not change your opinion by much. They all have a certain thicker viscosity and a lack of freshness that does not appeal to me. This one specifically is an elegant wine, very smooth and coats your mouth in an almost velvety way, which is rare for a white wine, but it just doesn’t match my taste.

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Thanks, @NW3Andre! It’s interesting what you say about viscosity and the mouth coating texture some of these wines possess. I am not at all averse to ‘fat’ texture in white - I positively seek it sometimes, but as you say - it has to be balanced with freshness and zest.

For me, one of the cheapest and yet perfect examples of this in a white Rhone is Maby’s Lirac Blanc:

I also found a really good balance of richness and freshness in this Cairanne Blanc:

And as mentioned in earlier posts - the Vacqueyras Blanc grom Clos des Cazaux. So yes, spending £46 or whatever on the white Vieux Télégraphe doesn’t appeal.


I’m with you there. I’ve tried upper end white CNdP a couple of times… @NW3Andre, your comment about viscosity is spot on. I’m not so sure about lack of freshness, but I know where you’re coming from…heaviness is more my take on it.

I’ve had two of the Cazaux whites and they are much more to my taste, as well as being GV too, certainly fresher, and less heavy. I’ve just had an order this week with the Lirac Blanc from Maby and looking forward to that; if it’s as good value as their red that’ll do me.


@Inbar very much with you on the Oratoire St. Martin Blanc - it’s very consistently good.

When I think about white Rhones (particularly in the Southern end) then I think Clairette when handled well can give interesting wines. An old favourite is this one, though not currently listed it’s worth looking out for. Good VFM at ~£12…

This one is also on the wish list, but Marsanne in this instant…


what tip…spill the beans

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Here you go - I tried a CNDP blanc from Aldi at the weekend. It’s £14, and a pretty enjoyable drop :+1:


A US version of White CNDP on my next order…


Ah! I had the 2017 Domaine Rousset back in March:

And enjoyed it very much!

I have to say, for Marsanne/Roussane blends or single varietals, I am increasingly going for Northern Rhône wines. They really seem to capture those citrus/floral/nutty notes but with usually a nice rounded texture which I really like.

This one was also enjoyed fairly recently:

Similarly, enjoyed the single varietal Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne from Yves Couilleron Collines Rhodaniennes appalletion - the Marsanne was my absolute favourite (2017).

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