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White Burgundy en primeur - website crash

I tried to place an order last night for the White Burgundy en primeur offer between 7pm and 8pm but the website refused over that hour to allow me to check out so my order didn’t go in. When I rang the Society this morning I was told that despite it being a problem with the Society’s website and nothing to do with me, I could not now place an order.

This is absolutely terrible customer service and not what I would expect from the Society of which I have been a member for nearly thirty years. I cannot believe it is very difficult to add in such orders and any excuse about the system not allowing it would sound particularly pathetic.

Hi @Gilesadams welcome to the community. Sounds like a bad experience if the site was down for an hour. Can I suggest that you email Member Services, appreciate you spoke to them and it wasn’t a helpful response. The society don’t monitor this community to the extent it isn’t a place for complaints about customer service. You may have a good chance if you explain what happened on email and include your order, your requested wines may be undersubscribed too and they can allocate them to you anyway. I’ve missed deadlines for EP offers before and still got what I wanted by emailing them after the event.


thanks very much for the suggestion - I am going to write to the CEO and the buyer for the offer as well

The website has been slow, and occasionally down, for the last week or so. I hope that they are aware of this.

Giles I hope they sort out your issues. Must be very frustrating.
Please hang around on the forum and join it the many discussions loosely based on wine and the society.

Here’s the thread about the burgundy offer, you might enjoy it

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Hi Giles, at the very east it’s a failure of communication. I wonder if the offer was full, and this was the way the website communicated this to you, indirectly. Whatever, it’s not good interface design.

Just a bit of techie advice - I wonder if maybe you can get your individual IP address and suggest that they might be able to see it as a unique visitor to their pages through their analytics. This would be a way of proving quite convincingly that you were on the website then. You can google ‘what’s my IP’ and it’ll give you your IP address.

Hope it gets resolved, and do introduce yourself on the introduction page - actually, goodness, I need to do that…

Thanks very much. Previously when offers are full they take the orders and then allocate them. I have photos of both my order and the error message with a time stamp which I will probably send to the CEO and the Burgundy buyer shortly with a letter expressing my “disappointment”.

for the sake of speed also email this detail to member services, would be a shame if they didn’t get the letter until it was too late to actually fix the matter so that you can get what you wanted.

I would email member services first @Gilesadams - give them chance to rectify

Then, if you haven’t received an acceptable response, you email further up the hierarchy…they are likely to sort your immediate problem but rather the comms issue

Giles, do not feel too bad. I applied, in time, on the phone, for different 3 cases, and have just been informed that my application was unsuccessful on all counts. So even if you had got through. You may still be empty handed!