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White (Bordeaux) Wanderings

I am craving white Bordeaux. Other than a couple of bottles of 2016 Chateau Brown Blanc (which I did buy in part because the name amused me, although I did have a bottle of the 2014 when I was last in Bordeaux in the before times), which aren’t really there yet, I have none.

There are 14 different Bordeaux Blanc Sec on the list at the moment (which is more than there were when there was a white Bordeaux offer!). I’ve tried none of them. Suggestions? Experiences?

I am very tempted to give

A go, given that I’m a big fan of their sweet wine.


I’m a big fan of Floridene (not sure if it’s on the list at the moment but it often is).

Aside from that I’m afraid my white Bordeaux is mainly limited to dirt cheap but enjoyable gluggers from French supermarkets - mainly from surrounding areas such as Entre Deux Mers and Cotes de Duras.

The Doisy Daene also caught my eye. I’m sure it will be lovely.


I have had the 2016 Doisy Daene sec. It was very good indeed and well worth the money. I shared it with a group of serious wine experts and they were all impressed. And it was the same price as it is now so no price hike.


Not from TWS, but this 2016 Pessac-Léognan from Waitrose Cellar has been a repeat purchase for us. It’s well-made and flavoursome, and when reduced from £17.99 to £13.99 offers excellent vfm too. For some reason it doesn’t show on Waitrose Cellar’s website, but I definitely saw a few bottles in the (physical) shop last week:



Given that I’ll be walking home past a Waitrose today, I can see a plan forming!

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I’d completely ignored white Bordeaux until last year but I have tried a couple of wines since then that were really impressive both in quality and value.

Although I’ve only tried the 2014, another thumbs up here for Clos Floridene ( the 2018 is listed ).

The other was a G de Chateau Guiraud 2015 which also over delivered. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Doisy-Daene is in a similar style ( fresh, complex, subtly oaked and food friendly ).

If there was a Chateau Blankety I’d buy it for the same reason :wink:


I’ve had this too, I believe it spends a few months in their Sauternes barrels. This has reminded me that I do actually have more white Bordeaux as I have some of the Blanc Sec from Rayne Vigneau too, but I see the label and assume Sauternes. I’m probably still going to walk home via Waitrose and see if they have @Inbar’s suggestion though.


I think that means that you expect it to be different? I got a bit confused.

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Apologies, now edited for clarification.

It did cross my mind that I was wrong at the time and almost edited then. Er, no wonder I only got a ‘C’ at English Language O Level !

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I have case of 2019 sitting in L&W, unfortunately after tasting a bottle elsewhere I was completely underwhelmed and regret the purchase… Maybe it will develop a bit more but it was Sauvignon heavy on the palate which just didn’t do it for me.

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Another vote for Floridene (red as well as white)

The Ch de la Grave and Ch.Thieuley are great value at the cheaper end too!


Enjoyed Louviere Blanc in the past, usually purchased from Chatrau. I believe Millesima has the 2020 at £120 for 6 IB.

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I have to admit to having a soft spot for Pavillon Blanc. It was the first dry white Bordeaux I ever tasted - at the brilliant St.James restaurant. Back then it was sensible money. Now it is eye wateringly expensive. I do have a case in non-TWS reserves but I can’t imagine ever buying again.

Nowadays my go to is Bouscaut which TWS currently stock. I’ve not tasted this vintage but I would count on it being a cracker.


Ch de la Grave Grains Fins gets my vote too.

Six of the Clos Floridene 2018 arriving in reserves tomorrow apparently, looking forward to that very much.


very good in my opinion - takes sauv blanc to another place

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Another vote for the 2019 Doisy-Daëne here. 100% sauvignon blanc as I remember, and very clean. And while it’s a while since I’ve drunk any, we’ve really enjoyed @NickFoster’s suggestion of Ch Thieuley in the past.


Clos Floridene


That’s a great price from Coop. I managed to get five on clearance last year at about £12 each.

Unfortunately my local branch (and lots of others it seems) has massively downgraded its wine range. Mine switched from a brilliant range to an utterly boring one in one fell swoop at the start of lockdown. Senejac is about the only interesting bottle it still sells.