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Whisky No.3 coming 20th Jan

There’s a surprising lack of publicity about this release - or is it just that I’m not seeing it?

Perhaps low quantity, or not wishing to attract the fair weather flippers?

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The page is up The Society's Reserve Cask Selection Islay Single Malt Whisky 1991

On your marks…

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Showing as out of stock, presumably until Thursday and the official release date. This will herald much frantic refreshing of screen on Thursday… :sweat_smile:

And it’s Islay.

Yep, even if I hadn’t bought the first two I’d definitely be up for this one. Obviously though it’ll be awful and no one else should waste their money on it… :wink:

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Hi all, I just wanted to confirm that the whisky hasn’t been on sale and hasn’t sold-out, no need to worry.


True, but TWS bought this whisky 30 years ago. It was a very different game back then.

Indeed; most likely over the hill & only fit for furniture polish. I might just hover over the computer Thurs evening just to see what the fuss is about. Anyone asks, tell them I was in a business meeting.


Sounds like a plan (sadly I will be logged on working, but I’m sure I can have a quick flit across to TWS. Would be extremely rude not to). :smiley:

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@Kelly it’s back (latest email) https://ci4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/jdXJdMFb8Fn12xcgHFNYM_zgZumTKBTHO3MCH_Elh9uaJt0LeRy2q3qh2bs6FGrSusy0VCEtju1zrTaMvNF0AyFl_59pqOD6LEBwiKYk4Oi3Omf1yZ-DVJYBFQcd=s0-d-e1-ft#http://content.email.thewinesociety.com/images/3339/whisky-coming-soon.jpg

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That’s correct, isn’t it?

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@alun That looks right to me - unless I am missing something glaringly obvious? :joy: I hope not!

not for me

At least, not an hour ago. Maybe gmail caches it somehow.

Weird, I get
unnamed (2)

The second picture looks correct as the day / date combination is incorrect on the first one.

I find it strange that there isn’t anything regarding this on the website or at least that I can find. Seems fairly low key compared to the first two releases.

Given the photo has X of 570 bottles, what’s the bet there will be a single limit per person? Any info?

So there should be one per person ….so 570 can try it

Sorry, but what photo has the 570 bit? I’ve not seen that anywhere