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Whisky No.3 coming 20th Jan

Whisky number 3 coming next week!


Though the 20th is a Thursday so I’m not sure which day it is

Five whole days before payday… Good timing! :anguished:

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Oh blimey here we go again

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Thanks for flagging, @alun! If you let me know where you found this image, I will go back to the team and get it amended. And the launch has been confirmed for Thursday 20th January :slight_smile:
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@Kelly It was from an email a few minutes ago with the subject: “Want to discover an award-winning selection, Alun?”


That feels … not long since the last one. I mean, good for Burns Night if you get lucky with delivery slots, but otherwise slightly strange scheduling …?

Spare a tear for the flippers though - last week at auction, bottles of the 1991 sold for around £110. So once you factor in original price (£95) plus shipping cost etc, they will be lucky to break even.

I however are very much looking forward to the 20th, dry January might be ending early.

Now that the linked image has been updated my earlier messages (about Wednesday the 20th) no longer make sense!!


Damn it. I was a skeptic, but splurged on number 2, and now this is a must have…


Is this to be the Islay bottling that has been talked about on the #2 thread?

I’ve seen one or two examples like this. No way they are making any money at those prices… unless they were gifts?!

Looks like it will be a 1991 Islay bottling at the usual 46% judging by the PDF tasting notes that have appeared on the site, Oops. https://www.thewinesociety.com/customfiledownload/downloadwinenotes?code=WY981&rel=nofollow



Why Bowmore? Lot’s of caol ila gets offered to independent bottlers

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LOTS of Caol Ila.

It was inadvertently released in some past flyers

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That came around quick. I’d just assumed it would be October 22 for baby #3

Ahem… cough ( aged grain whisky ) cough.

And why not? the 16 y/o blend had some very decent grain in it - no harsh notes or anything, so must have been pretty old. Just saying…


I was wondering :blush: