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Whisky / Food pairings?

Any suggestions for matching whisky with food?

Personally, I dont think you can beat smoked salmon on buttered brown bread, with a decent Ardmore - or TWS 16 y/o blend. And of course; sticky toffee pudding with Springbank 12 y/o (or Kilkerran if you cant get hold of SB).

Regretfully, suggestions of Haggis will be disallowed; because everyone knows the only true drink with (deep fried) Haggis, is a pint of 70 shilling whilst stood outside a boozer in the Grassmarket Edinburgh.


I’ve always loved whisky with cheese. It’s become a bit of a thing in some restaurants in recent years with specific pairings but I tend to just pair whatever I have with whatever I have.

Shame it’s too warm for the sticky toffee pudding and (in my case) Kilkerran, as that sounds lush.

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Well, the best whisky I ever had was at a Burns Dinner in Greenock. It wasn’t at a pub.

After he did his duty, the pipe major was sat next to me. Seeing my face as I tasted the haggis he told me to pour my glass of malt on the thing and then topped he up my glass. I drank enough of the malt to wipe away the taste of the haggis. Mind you, it took a lot.


Sadly Peter, that’s a haggis pairing… So under the rules, disallowed. But only kidding. What sort of whisky was it?

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Scotch only or bourbon suggestions allowed?

A smoked venison carpaccio, roast walnuts and honey truffle. A Macallan 10 yr old
Mackerel and salty samphire? An island malt with a bit of iodine?


Can’t remember, it was free, it was plentiful and it wasn’t haggis. (I was guest of supplier).

My favourite malt is The Inchgower. It is (was?) one of the malts used in Bells blended whisky. I used to get it from a shop in George St, Edinburgh on my frequent work trips to that fair city.

Not sure that Auld Reekie would like to be known as a fair city :wink:

Bourbon allowed, and whiskey

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Inchgower - never tried it. Any particular I should look for? Be kind on price!

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Now those sound very interesting. I need to do some sourcing regarding smoked venison… I wonder if smoked duck will work?

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In that case, bourbon and custard.

And if you want something really specific, EH Taylor Single Barrel with Maxim fruit jellies. Heaven.


Take away the heretic!


Isle of Arran 16 year old with Arran cheese and oatcakes.


I take a very ecumenical attitude to my spirits consumption :innocent:

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I have an Arran 10 y/o open as it happens. https://www.whiskybroker.co.uk/70cl,-10yo-distilled-at-arran-distillery-c-1-p-167

Oatcakes and cheddar I think I can muster, not sure exactly which cheddar it is - but it’s a good one. So that’s Sunday evening’s supper sorted! Isle of Arran looks wonderful for hill walking… I think I might visit once the CV thing is over.

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Boubon (Specifically Weller 12) and homemade pizza with homemade spicy sweet chilli sauce! Heaven!!

Arran is a lovely island. Only an hour or two from me.

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Bourbon with pizza! thats a new one on me. Go on then Leah… recipe for sweet chilli sauce pls. I’ thinking I might be able to make the pizza dough with leftover sourdough starter

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I’ve put the recipe here :yum:.