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Whilst the cat’s away......Steak and Époisses


Mrs Bags and the little Bags are still up in Wales doing healthy outdoory stufff…what shall I do with the evening?


Well, you’ve obviously chosen the wine as the starter.


Époisses !
That is a good night in my man.


Great choice - enjoy


GF is at hers tonight sorting out her cottage before the weekend. I’ve got BBC R1 on and this about to happen


Looks like the wine is already happening danchaq… at that pace, you may need a second bottle by the time the Fray Bentos is a point… enjoy


My policy Steve is to choose the wine and then find the food to match it🤪… I hear some people do it the other way round but, hey


needed to breathe, taste for cork taint, etc etc :wink:

Also this is my first experience with the magic canned pie so we’ll see…


Finchy: (to the others) Right well you know when he asked the question “who is the Cuban leader who has been in power since 1959?”
Brent: Fidel Castro.
Finchy: Yeah, you know it now don’t you but tell them what you said then?
Brent: Yeah but I was under pressure, the whole quiz situation…
Finchy: NO! NO! just tell them who you said. Who’s the Cuban leader?
Brent: Fray Bentos


Ha ha, Yes I see, it does sometimes take a good couple of glasses just to make sure it doesn’t need to go back to TWS… some tasting notes are surely required if you are a Fray Bentos virgin…


My friends holiday let in the alps has a Fray Bentons pie in the cupboard just in case guests miss the shops closing. 10 years still there untouched. Interested in how it is?


Bet it takes on some good gamey aromas after ten years.


Maybe one day when we’re delayed at the airport we’ll see.


No word of a lie, this is the first time I have thought to myself maybe this Brexit malarkey will be okay. If this island can put, in a tin, a pie that turns out like that, by God it can do anything!


Perhaps we could all have a look in our cupboards and there might be enough Vintage tinned pies hiding in there for a comparative tasting? 10 years sounds a little OTT to me, but I suppose if it was vibration free ad cellar cool, it might be developing those tertiary aromas and be even more delicious…


Depending on how it does go next April 1st (how inauspicious is that?!), you might be better off saving that pie, just in case like…


I’d hate to brandish the tin opener if it was going through a closed phase though…


How would you know? Is there any form on Fray Bentos vintages?


First thing Mr Johnson ever ‘cooked’ for me, when we started going out, was a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie… I remember people at work raising eyebrows!!.. Actually, it was a pleasant surprise - didn’t expect the pastry to taste so nice. It helped that he also made roasties - and he is, as far as I’m concerned, the king of roast spuds! :wink:


Well, I’d check www.piecupboardtracker.com for any recent notes in the first instance. And I reckon the steak & kidney, as a blend, should in theory be more consistent, quality-wise, but may well shut down for a while before really showing its best.