Which wine regions have you discovered recently?

The last post from Cerebrus in the Weekend drinking thread got me thinking… Which wine regions or even countries have you discovered recently, especially ones which offer good value wines? For me it’s Languedoc-Roussillon. I’ve been enjoying bottles from St.Chinian, Le Côtes Catalanes, Pic Saint-Loup (and others) so much recently, and been struck by the value this large area still offers. There’s something really honest and unpretentious about these wines. Any new discoveries you can share?


Sorry for typo! Should have said ‘Cerberus’ :blush:

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Ha ha…! Thanks! I’m clearly new to all this :flushed:

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Greece - several holidays in the last few years (I’d never been before), a very good Greek deli in Birmingham which sells wine and, of course, WS purchases.


Agree with you on Languedoc Rousillon. We have holidayed near Montpelier and Narbonne in the last couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed the local wines, especially La Clape, Corbieres, Domaine Jones (multiple AOCs) and Gris de Montpelier.

I would second Greece and also Croatia

Yes, agree on Greece! I need to extend my knowledge of its wines… Bar Assyrtiko - which I love, especially on a hot summer’s day - I am not very familiar with other grapes. The reds sound very promising, but if you have a particular wine/grape to recommend that’ll be great! :slight_smile:

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and its big brother…


Fabulous! Thanks :smiley: It’s going on the wish list now…

@Inbar @MarkC Very partial to
Earth and Sky Naoussa Thymiopoulos 2015

love both these wines - xinomavro is a very interesting grape

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These are excellent!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This was really good, not really had many Greek wines but really enjoyed this one, and its not too expensive either!

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Great stuff! Am also a big fan of these wines, and Apostolos’s new Rapsani is a joy too


I have just recently encountered the wines of Marcillac. And lucky for us TWS stocks a couple of great examples from a top producer. I had a bottle of Domaine du Cros old vine mansois last night. It has that classic concentration of many southern French wines with rich fruit, but with a more earthy and lifted character and the acidity to balance it all out.


Wow! Clearly I’ve been missing a trick with regards to Greek wines! I am definitely going to delve more into their reds, and maybe expand on the whites too (as Assyrtiko is the only one I really tried - and love). As for Marcillac - I have also recently bought one from TWS, and it’s awaiting its moment…
we’re planning to make a cassoulet soon- before Spring truly kicks in and it would seem too heavy, so I hope the Marcillac would prove a good companion to it. I love the idea of trying this new grape, especially as it’s got such a fantastic name- Fer Servadou… :smile: Interestingly, Victoria Moore says its taste resembles ‘the taste of blood from a cut’ in that it is very ‘iron-y’… was that your experience, Juan?

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Ever since reading Salt & Old Vines (excellent book by the way) I’ve promised myself to get to know Collioure and Banyuls better … but I’ve yet to invest in this as I should.

edit: has anyone tried the wines from Coume del Mas?

I’m sure the Marcillac will be a great companion to a cassoulete Inbar! Great choice of pairing.

As per the taste, I would not say it tasted of ‘blood’, but more of combination of red crunchy fruit and some forest floor earthiness. The irony element is provably some reduction on the nose, due mainly to the wine making techniques. I remember the Lo Sang del Pais being a bit reductive indeed. It would soften after decanting.

I’ve been looking to try more pinot without the Burgundy price tag or if I am trading up, then looking for value for money. I’ve had a couple of chilean cab savs recently so ventured in to purchasing this

I also tried the greek reds at the recent stars tasting which had a wonderful elegance with aromatic perfume not unlike a good Pinot!

Both purchased and being delivered this week.

Drink now or wait a couple of years?

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