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Which wine glass?


A slightly nerdy topic and very possibly the ultimate middle class problem…

I’m looking for decent wine glasses but I’ve come a cropper with what I’ve just purchased.

I like the ISO tasting glasses for really getting your nose right to the surface of the wine, however I wanted something a bit larger for when I’m home and not wanting to top them up so regularly

So I bought these…Schott Zwiesel Air Wine Burgundy Glasses (Set of Two)

They look beautiful with a veritable bath-sized bottom for aeration however the rim seems too large still and the 2 wines I’ve had in it (A gruner veltliner and a Grenache) seemed a bit lost one the nose compared to the ISO one.

I thought by having a wide ratio between aeration swirly part and narrower nose I’d get the best from it but from this experience it seems the size of the rim:nose is more important than base:rim

Has anyone got any recommendations for a great wine glass that allows lots of aeration, captures the bouquet beautifully and is a tad larger than an ISO glass and won’t break the bank (also I fear my clumsy man hands will only leave me with one Riedel by the morning!)

Thanks in advance!


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