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Which vintage is it!?


Hi all,

About to tuck into a Cotes du Forez Gamay we got from TWS and looking at the back label I can see that it is printed 2015 but the 5 has been changed to a 6 to make it look like it reads 2016. It is being sold on TWS website as a 2016. So is it actually a 2015 or has the producer used the same labels and altered them for the new vintage?

Not sure my phone camera brings it out but looking at it closely it is printed 2015…

Here it is on TWS website:


Not this wine, but I’ve had a few like that in my time! I’m sure it’s usually because the producer has some of the prior vintage labels available and has decided to use them up.

If you produce a wine that needs time in the cellar before bottling and labelling then presumably you have time in hand to order the right number of labels. But with wines like this, they are usually bottled pretty much as soon as they are stabilised, so I guess that means getting your order in to the printers ASAP, quite possibly before the grapes are picked. So getting the numbers right will be more tricky.


Small producer who doesn’t want to waste labels I’d guess. Nice wine imo.


Sounds like a canny French peasant in action…I’ve got 10,000 labels that I’ve paid for, I am going to use them!