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Which Vineyard has the TARDIS landed in?


Teaser video (here) for New Year’s Day shows the TARDIS in a vineyard next to a winery building.

Can anyone identify the vineyard/winery?


There’s a name/logo on the entrance pillar - but it may be a prop covering the real name


In an ideal world it’d be Vigneti Tardis!


I read about The Doctor’s close encounter with a sac spider whilst filming so know the country but not the winery.

I’ll watch anything vaguely wine related so will tune in when it’s shown !


Wikipaedia says there are " 500 species in 15 genera worldwide. However, “sac spider” used on its own should imply a member of the family Clubionidae, but other common names may use the phrase “sac spider” including:" and it goes on to list names found all over the world.

Which country did you have in mind?



Indeed, but that’s a virtual brand. As the countryside and building look Italian I did look (via Google Earth) at the Viticoltori De Conciliis winery buildings, but they don’t match…

As the voiceover at the end of The Apprentice goes ‘the search continues’…


I didn’t want to give any clues, but as you’ve asked, somewhere in South Africa.

Edit - have just read that it’s responsible for 75% of all reported spider bites in South Africa. The wound usually takes about 4 weeks to heal. In some severe cases, up to 10 years !


How do you know its the Tardis? I could just be an antique Police Box. After all that is why it was a masquerading as a police box because police boxes like that were all over place . When i was a child we had a police box near our home.
The way to find out if its the Tardis is to look inside . If you find its bigger on the inside than the outside then its the real thing. I bet you its an old police box or even worse a false police box made out of wood and plastic.
If one had too much to drink the it might look bigger on the inside than it actually. If you went to sleep in there you would find out how small it was the next morning. Or you might find yourself on the Time Lords Planet of Gallifrey!


I suspect you haven’t clicked on the link :wink:


Ah yes, they’ve filmed there before and the mountains do look like the Cape.

Now to find out which winery…


Silly me! Thanks.