Which social media platforms do you use or have access to?

We’d love to find out more about which main social platforms do our Members have access to. I’m adding a little poll below, please let us know by voting which social platforms do you use or have access to! :slight_smile: If there’s any that aren’t listen please let us know in the comments below. Thank you!

Which social media platforms do you have access to, so we can best build our future content around your feedback?
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

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Aren’t there two questions here, rolled up into one? For example, I have access to Facebook so ticked yes. But, in practice, I use it very rarely and don’t consume content from TWS there.

Aren’t you really trying to get at where we would prefer or be more likely to engage with content from TWS?


Yes, good shout @Cavafy Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Just tried to edit it and found out I can’t edit a poll 5 mins after posting it :confused:

Would it be worth just deleting the poll and starting again then? I think @Cavafy’s question is more relevant


Or add ‘none of the above’ as an option…

I use Facebook sparingly. Not on Twitter or Instagram at all, and won’t be. You Tube I tend to use from links, or if I Google something and there is a U Tube video.


Yes I would only be able to tick a “none of the above” box.

I watched the Facebook video last night, I was disappointed.

The sound quality wasn’t great, appreciate social distancing is required but perhaps interviewing someone who is not close to the mic in a large room doesn’t work. Maybe it would’ve worked better on a split screen both talking into their phones respectively.

There wasn’t much about the EP, didn’t understand why Burgundy EP was mentioned and when someone posed a question about a specific domaine the answer was to ask the buyer.

Surely it would’ve been better to launch the EP with a bumper edition of a Glass with Marce? Think there is a TV show ready to explode.

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… a very different question to what I answered! Is youtube really a “social media platform”? Maybe it is, but I see it more as a place to find videos


Although I have access to Youtube, I don’t normally use it as a social media platform. It is commonly a way to find music or occasionally film clips. (So if my choir is singing something I don’t know, I’ll probably listen to it on Youtube to understand what it should sound like.

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I really can’t answer the poll as there is no ‘none’ option - although I guess hell might freeze over….

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Like others, I use youtube to find interesting videos about topics that interest me. If I wanted to see something from TWS, I’d more likely look for it on the website.

As for the other social media options, I am an unreconstructed dinosaur and decided a long time ago I could happily live without this ‘innovation’ and thus maintain more privacy.


I make full use of the three options that I ticked YouTube, Instagram and FB but have never needed to access anything for TWS on any of them. Like most I prefer YT to be a music option (albeit many of the videos are inane) and only use Instagram to post wine labels as a form of album of those wines I’ve tasted.

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The Cherry tree, in High Hoyland.

Doesn’t seem to be on the list though?

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Goes to show the difficulty of writing a poll.

The assumption appears to be that members will use at least one of the listed social media, and thus ‘none’ as an answer was not considered.

I have a Faceache account but only because I couldn’t look at Faceache pages without one. I loathe the platform and do not use it.

I’ve seen videos on You Tube, even used it to host a couple of mine, but is that really ‘social media’?

TWS have a website and this community; why not build future content around these?

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For those questioning whether YouTube is social media. Firstly it self identifies as Social Media (to use a currently in phrase). Secondly the generally accepted definition of SM is along the lines of “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. So I would say YT fits that definition perfectly well.

More to the point TWS have a lot of very good content on YouTube so to have a poll allowing them to assess which format members prefer that omits YT would be just silly.

(It’s the only one that I use to access TWS information other than here.)


While we are at it, using instagram instead of zoom for online stuff is sub optimal for me. However, if it really works for you then if you livestream it on youtube at the same time, that would do me.

I had instagram and twitter, deleted them and I’m never going back.


I’d have thought that, in line with the emphasis on attracting younger new members, TikTok might have been included😉

Thank you for your all your feedback so far, much appreciated.

@Winestwit As there were already votes in the poll I didn’t want to delete it as start it all over again and unfortunately I wasn’t able to change/ add another option. But please feel free to continue adding your feedback below as a comment and I’ll include it in!

@peterm We’re continuously producing content for our website and will continue doing so, along with our amazing editors. Our Community is an equally valuable space and although it’s mostly Member to Member, I’d love to hear your suggestions on what type of content you’d like to see more on our Community. :blush:

@FrogJockQueen We’re currently working on improving our LIVE streaming options and quality so hopefully you will notice a difference soon.

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Dancing reviews! Love it