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Which Sherry?

Top quality fino in a softer, broader style.


I’ve been drinking Equipo Navazos wines since the early days so couldn’t miss out on this one. Hard to find - I went to the importer who suggested The Solent Cellar (now out of stock). Expensive too, around £55. But worth it. A classic fino-amontillado, complex, long, penetrative, expressive.


That really is something special. Can I justify the price?

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2021 Tio Pepe En Rama in stock!


Yes, I ordered some for this event

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Hmm…bottle of 2020 just arrived. Does anyone have an opinion on drinking window. I know it should be as early as possible but do these last a year or so? I guess I’m just missing out on the initial freshness?

In my experience fino usually ages well. What you lose in freshness you gain in roundness and depth. I still have some of the 2020 edition.


Thank you Richard

Yes, I buy a few bottles each year and now how a few vintages. Definitely ages nicely. Not as fresh but worth seeing how it changes.


Another vintage sherry:

Pretty good, if in a more commercial style than some. Complex, plenty of depth, rich a slight sweetness then a dry finish.


Very good. Lighter in style but very savoury with great persistence.


Not bad but lacking in complexity.


I think that was exactly what I thought when I had it “hmmmm. Not bad” “…” “but also not bad!”.

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Interesting. Everybody seems to rave about this, and as a result I’ve had 3 or 4 bottles, but have always been similarly underwhelmed. I just find it a bit ordinary.

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I agree. It’s not until you taste a pasada like this one (admittedly at 4x the price), that you realise how good they can be:

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Tres Palmas, 2020 Saca here this weekend. Very good and complex fino - quite structured and lots of flor character.


That is a dream bottle. I have a couple of EN bottles in the bottom of the wine fridge, and I’ve had the odd bottle over the years, but never had any of the Pasadas.

Something to remedy next time I can find one.


Not being picky, but if it’s 4x the price is that really a fair comparison? Maybe like comparing a supermarket own brand Bordeaux at £6/£7 with Lalande Borie at £27 (on TWS list.) Completely different wines too, I’m sure.

Mind, you have tempted me to try one though, as I liked the Pastrana. Thanks :+1:

I am dipping my toe into an area of which I have only some knowledge, my wife is the sherry drinker.
But one of the problems when buying fino or manzanillas in this country , unless you use one of those rare specialists, is the lack of choice, it’s all very well putting up bottles that are the equivalent of cru class Bordeaux but most people cannot afford those prices and below them the good ones are a pitifully small range.

The collapse of the mass sherry market has meant grubbing up of vines and the further consolidation of companies, many independents are now part of larger wineries.

Barbadillo who when the old Oddbins stocked them had half a dozen fino’s alone, now even they are making still wine as there is little money in sherry, all very sad and one of the worlds great wines is being, apart from those upmarket bottles rather left behind in a shrinking market.

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Very true. However this retailer now offers a very good range of sherries. Good deli selection as well.