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Which Sherry?

Realised I never reported back on the Waitrose Blueprint Manzanilla.

It’s good, and does what it says on the tin so to speak. As you’d expect with a manzanilla, it’s a little bit more iodine/seaweedy in its minerality. It’s not as good as the fino though, but nice for a change.

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Need some advice here folks…my exploring of sherry so far has been the Romate Maribel Amontillado which I would buy again.
However if I was going to explore beyond this safe zone open to this forums ideas.
I find as the weather turns cooler it works better , so thinking about a September purchase.



We also like the Romate Maribel - a lot. We have enjoyed this, though on a less regular basis

Of the drier styles, the Society Fino is a bargain, the Alegria Mazanilla is good, the Fino Perdido richer but still very dry. When TWS have it we also like La Ina fino.

This is a great Palo Cortado
https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=SH671 Goes very well with hard cheeses such as Comte.


Agree with all of @JayKay’s recommendations! :+1:

I would also add the 2020 bottling of Tio Pepe En Rama, if you’re after intensity, length and depth!

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Thanks folks lots to think about for a September order

Have you tried the Navazos Colet sparkling? Ages very well too.

On my wish list.

Superb manzanilla, very powerful and persistent with a wonderful balance of fruit and acidity.


This is the ‘basic’ Castilla fino but it is still very good with lots of finesse and persistence.


La Gitana En Rama 2020, not as common as the Tio Pepe ER and not quite as good either. Shy nose, saline, bitter (in a good way) taste, not very complex. The haze is on the glass, not the wine. Would doubtless taste much better in sunny Sanlucar rather than a cold and wet evening in the Midlands.


Callejuela Manzanilla Origen

A rather ordinary, basic manzanilla with little complexity.

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Sacristía AB Saca 2018 Manzanilla.

Top quality manza, perfect with some Cantabrian anchovies.


Does anyone have any recommendations for online merchants of sherry with a fairly wide range? I’m a recent convert (particularly to Manzanilla) having visited the region last year and have worked my way through the affordable end of TWS list so I’m looking to branch out a bit, as well as sticking with some TWS favourites, but at a loss where to start.

Try Decantolo. I have bought plenty of sherry from them and they seem to have a good selection.

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I’d also recommend Décantalo as well as Gourmet Hunters.

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Thanks both, looks like good value at Decantalo, will give that a try