Which Sherry?

I can remember the day when Oddbins used to carry a large section of the Barbadillo range and had in stock at least six different finos from an even bigger range!
Not sure how many survived, they are certainly not offered any more and Barbadillo has grubbed up of much of the sherry vines and planted white wine varieties, you know more about this than anybody on here.

Barbarillo does offer Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc still whites grown on albariza soils… :see_no_evil:

I thought that they were going to approve the usage of some of the old Jerez grape varieties, but seems that Jerez is still Palomino (and some Moscatel and PX).

The recent Book of Sherry Wine by Saldana has a section on Barbadillo. They are a major producer of manzanilla and still wine, some made from palomino, as Joni suggests.

The only manzanillas mentioned by Saldana are Solear (and it’s hard to fine seasonal variants) and Pastora. Their vineyards are now some 30k north east of Jerez.

Barbadillo, on their website, also has As de Mirabras Sumatorio, Nave Trinidad, Muyfina, Arboledilla Poniente, Arboledilla Levante, and the seasonal Solear (i.e., Spring). None of which I’ve heard of!

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Is sold by Spanish Wines Online.

We liked it:

They also sell Mirabras but that is a still wine.

There are several As de Mirabras and Sumatorio is a young Manzanilla. I can see where they are coming from there: young enough to connect their whites under flor with the regular age Manzanillas.

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Nom nom, all gone. Will try to leave the other bottle for 6/12 months to see what happens with a little age (if I can remember without notes).


Half bottle of Tio Pepe Fino ‘En Rama’ (2023 bottling)

Damn, should have bought a case


This feels like a good time to mention Does Tio Pepe En Rama age well? | JancisRobinson.com


Will do a vertical tasting soon


Ooh well done you for hanging onto them! A 3YO 2019 saca is the oldest TP en Rama I’ve had; three years made a difference - mellower, oilier - though not a transformational difference. I’d wait a bit longer if you can bring yourself to, for a more pronounced effect - but the vertical will be fun any time if you crack earlier.


Good point. I actually have multiple bottles of a few of the older vintages. But the last few years I’ve been limiting myself to 2 or 3 bottles. Maybe I should grab another of the 2023!