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Which Sherry?

Oh, I would definitely give it a go! I doubt it’s gone off. Let us know if you did! :slight_smile:

I guess the question @MattHo asked initially was about an opened bottle, but even so - Oloroso keeps well in the fridge for a while, for sure.

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I’ve tried the Eugenia twice recently - at a 1* restaurant in Jerez and from a Waitrose sourced bottle. Both were underwhelming and, as far as I could tell, identical. For my taste this bottling (and the Pata de Gallina), lack the complexity an old oloroso should deliver.

Well, that’s certainly true, but for me - at least at Waitrose 25% off prices (£12/£13.50 per helf litre) - they hit a sweet spot of oxidative sherry for the price (along with the basic Cayetano del Pino). Is there a complex old oloroso available in that sort of range?

Good question. I think the Sánchez Romate Oloroso Encontrado 1/5 is much better but it is also more expensive.

I see @NW3Andre posted the 2022 on the weekend thread. This is the 2021, sent to me in error - I’d ordered the 2022. Offered by the seller for £10 instead of a return, which is a very good price.

Rather muted at first, sour, steely, stoney nose, medium length, not much complexity. Not as good as I had hoped.


Sorry to hear that. Mine had both freshness (indisputable) and salinity. I think I need to finish it asap though.

Heads up that the '22 release of Tio Pepe’s Palma finos have just hit the site. Always been a fan of these.

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Palmas case available:


I don’t want 2 x £45 bottles so not for me.

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2022 bottling, drinking very well, nose less prominent but great depth and persistence. Easily saw off some Zallo anchovies.