Which Sherry?

Oh, I would definitely give it a go! I doubt it’s gone off. Let us know if you did! :slight_smile:

I guess the question @MattHo asked initially was about an opened bottle, but even so - Oloroso keeps well in the fridge for a while, for sure.

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I’ve tried the Eugenia twice recently - at a 1* restaurant in Jerez and from a Waitrose sourced bottle. Both were underwhelming and, as far as I could tell, identical. For my taste this bottling (and the Pata de Gallina), lack the complexity an old oloroso should deliver.

Well, that’s certainly true, but for me - at least at Waitrose 25% off prices (£12/£13.50 per helf litre) - they hit a sweet spot of oxidative sherry for the price (along with the basic Cayetano del Pino). Is there a complex old oloroso available in that sort of range?

Good question. I think the Sánchez Romate Oloroso Encontrado 1/5 is much better but it is also more expensive.

I see @NW3Andre posted the 2022 on the weekend thread. This is the 2021, sent to me in error - I’d ordered the 2022. Offered by the seller for £10 instead of a return, which is a very good price.

Rather muted at first, sour, steely, stoney nose, medium length, not much complexity. Not as good as I had hoped.


Sorry to hear that. Mine had both freshness (indisputable) and salinity. I think I need to finish it asap though.

Heads up that the '22 release of Tio Pepe’s Palma finos have just hit the site. Always been a fan of these.

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Palmas case available:


I don’t want 2 x £45 bottles so not for me.

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2022 bottling, drinking very well, nose less prominent but great depth and persistence. Easily saw off some Zallo anchovies.


From an old cask in Sanlucar, maybe 30 years old. Bottle 542/600. Shy nose - some hay and nuts - but a powerful penetrative taste and the characteristic salty tang. Very good.

From Spanish Wines Online.


I liked that one, but I thought it was much younger than 30 years? A more gliceric, richer, mellower Manzanilla by what I remember, with more of a terroir driven feel.

You may be right. Information on the web is variable.

6 years of Crianza on that one. But it’s very good and distinctive. I think it opens a new array of sherry experiences. I tried it about a year ago and I remember it being rounder than usual Manzanilla. The bodega suggests that it’s located in an area where the flor is thicker, and I think that might explain part of it’s lively, non-oxidated character. It had some aromatics that reminded me of a plump Chenin, which is very unusual. Not as austere as a lot of Manzanilla can be. Very likeable.

This article seems to suggest that the barrel from which the wine was bottled was in existence in 1989.


Making my way through the Colosia Amontillado. From El Puerto de Santa Maria. Quite young, straightforward, but really enjoying it - strong fino memory then nicely rounded.

Rock solid, unflashy amontillado.


Another ‘not sherry’ in an amontillado style, about 15yo. Sierra Morena are north of Cordoba. A superb wine, very powerful yet nuanced, long with enough acidity to provide a perfect match for a tuna/anchovy crema and some Yurrita anchovies. From substrata in Norwich.


Best supermarket manzanilla I’ve tasted in a long time. Great vfm.


@Richard one of the great things about this forum is to come across people like you. I’ll only buy Sherry after consulting here from now on!


Tried this from Jura tonight. Some obvious biological aging but high acidity and without the lack of glycerol that characterises sherry. Lovely stuff. Apologies for the off topic post



Made from palomino in Jerez but more a wine with fino characteristics. No solera system used. Endlessly complex nose and taste. Unfortunately very expensive.