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Which Sherry?

During the @SykoWino Lunch with a Buyer, he recommended


In response to my questions about Palo Cortado, Amontillado and the differences between them. I’ve got both of them in my basket for next time I make an order.


That PC is a staple in my house, but not tried the Amontillado, so on the wishlist it went!

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The Romate Maribel is likely to wow you too - it’s astonishingly good - and the price is ludicrous for what you get in return!

I also love the Palo Cortado mentioned by @strawpig - it’s SO good, and the other one I’d happily recommend even if you failed your A-Levels is this Fino Perdido:

… which I can honestly finish on my own over the course of an evening. It’s delicious and much more complex than your bog standard Fino.

Thanks for the tip about the Exhibition Oloroso- it’ll be going in the next order! :+1:


It might be good to have a dedicated sherry thread…

But anyway, I think

is a clear several steps up from everything cheaper TWS sells (well, it certainly should be at £34/bottle equivalent), with insane intensity and length. It’s expensive, but you can sit drinkig a small glass for a couple of hours. Highly recommended if the price is bearable.


This is increasingly looking like I’ll be making a dedicated sherry order next week!


And just remembered… if you really want to treat yourself, this is out of this world, if not out of this galaxy, local group… etc.

Looks like we do need a dedicated Sherry thread! :thinking:


I second the motion for this sherry and for a sherry thread.

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Like this one?

I know @robert_mcintosh used to hate it when we resurrected threads… but with the amount of new members, I think it is a perfectly valid thing to do.


The Exhibition Mature Medium Sweet Oloroso is also really good, and I find it quite reminiscent of the Williams & Humbert, but at a far, far better price :wink:


Great! Two bottles arrive on Monday


Thanks for the inspiration all. Fino is now in its rightful place, the fridge. First had fino in my 20s and was definitely a case of “where have you been all my life”?


Hidalgo, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, is a must for us when we visit the sherry triangle each year and it is the dry Oloroso, ‘Faraon’, that has taken our fancy over recent years. Gloriously savoury , nutty with cep and walnut over lays it packs so much in for so little cost.
Up stream, we have a 30 year version earmarked for my birthday in July. Being non meat eaters we can recommend Mushroom Risotto as a match for this wine, parfait!


Doesn’t seem to be currently in stock, but the Hidaglo Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana is really delicious too.

Sherry gets so good so cheap that I rarely delve into the more expansive options, although I’m sure I’d love them if I did. Even the society own brand Fino, which is under £7 if I remember correctly, is seriously good.

Maybe a different thread but I’m increasingly beginning a real fan of table wines made from palomino/listan, several of the wines that have most excited me in the last couple of years have essentially been unfortified sherry


I’ve had a few stunning unfortified under-flor wines recently, including a dry PX based one from Montilla Moriles.

Also Listan Blanco from the Canary Islands (especially Tenerife) are excellent.


Couldn’t agree more the palomino grape works as an unfortified table wine really well. As with the sherry they make a smashing job of a plate of sea food.


Me too, like this one:


Agree that the As You Like It is stunning but now expensive by Sherry standards and you can get some very interesting stuff in full bottles for at this price point (eg Equipo Navazos). We drink a lot//too much (delete as appropriate) of sherry and I find this:
very hard to beat. Not as extreme as some of the Romate sherries (which I also love), but still loads of savoury depth and complexity and all for less than £9.


For what it’s worth I’ve kept trying odd bottles of Equipo Navazos, and never had one that really floated my boat. I know they have some very devoted fans who seem to think that they’ve taken sherry to a new level, but frankly the traditional bodegas I like in that sort of price bracket (things like Lustau VORS, Tradicion oloroso, Panesa) have seemed a much better bet.

Do you (or anyone else) have specific recommendations of EN bottlings which are available and might change my mind?

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My other (non-TWS) recommendation if you want to go big on a sherry is the Gonzalez Byass Apostoles Palo Cortado VORS.

It’s incredibly complex, aged with all sorts of notes of wood and dried fruits, with a little caramel. It’s one for drinking on it’s own rather than with food, but very much worth the £20.


This one was stunning in 2018. I still remember the taste. Saying that I cannot compare it to the ones you mention as I had not tried them. It is also very expensive.

  • NV Equipo Navazos Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda La Bota de Palo Cortado “Bota Punta” Nº 48