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Which part of your Christmas meal do you plan first, food or wine?

Hello everyone!

Following on from our Should you invest more money/time in Christmas food, or Christmas wine? thread and to get even more into the Christmas spirit, we now want to know:

Which part of your Christmas meal do you plan first, food or wine? Do you match your food with the wines, or the wine with the food? (Or neither?)

Let us know your thoughts!


We are away for both Christmas Day and Boxing Day (my family, then the in-laws respectively) so planning what to eat might come across as a bit presumptuous. However, I don’t intend for either host to have to open a bottle of their own while we are there, so can certainly plan for the wine.

I anticipate taking at least a 6-box for each day comprising something fizzy, something fortified and/or sweet, as well as reds and whites. Menu for Christmas Day is almost certainly the full turkey experience, so fairly easy to plan for. I’ll have to ask my mother-in-law what she plans for me to cook but I should have something that we will all enjoy whatever it might be.


Definitely food. We normally have enough wines in the cellar to be able to manage a reasonable match with anything likely, especially since our meal tends to be traditional in pattern - though the meat may sometimes change. The one exception is the aperitif; if we have something we particularly want to serve, then we’ll manage the canapés around it.


Food first, no question.

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Absolutely food. There will always be a wine to match or enjoy, but the food is the main thing. Even if i have a special bottle i want to enjoy ‘over Christmas’, i’ll figure out when after the menus have been sorted.

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Turkey ordered in late September this year so plenty of time to review reserves or in house cellar for matching requirements.


Turkey hasn’t been ordered for Christmas day yet. Somebody suggested that it may b e way too late to get one now. Not that I’m hoping that we might have to have something else, it’s just that Barolo, Rioja -and indeed Madiran - all go far better with something like, I don’t know, say Goose? :sunglasses:

(And in general, it’s always wine before food in my mind. The market doesn’t always support this approach, so substitutes have to be used, but it mostly works out).


Probably food, in the sense that this is what I’m planning at the moment.

With the wine, it’ll be about offering the wines I believe our visitors (Mrs A’s family who I’m very fond of) like best, and although I’m not planning the wines yet, as such, I’ve been working out what they like for ages and buying in bottles to have ready on the rack for whenever they come.

I just can’t wait to do a proper big meal, and to see the chaos the kids and dog will bring, after the slightly damp squib of last year.


Christmas is about families .There are only two of us so we dont make a great plash. I have purchased a joint of Irish beef which i have put in the freezer. We will roast that and it will last for several days . I have purchased a bottle of Château Peyrabon, Haut-Médoc 2009 to drink with it on Christmas . For other days I will open a Zinfandel from my cellar-which is a cupboard in the Kitchen.


We had beef with Peyrabon 2009 last Christmas and it was wonderful. Hope you enjoy it too.


I wouldn’t worry, Look you can get a Jimmy’s farm one
Jimmy’s Farm Free Range Bronze Turkey | Costco UK
But if you have your mind set on Goose, there should be plenty about :joy:

Shush. Please.

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I tend to open what I fancy and sod the menu. Sometimes I will open something that is the ‘correct’ match and another bottle which is what I actually want (a red Burgundy). Another old standby is to just keep opening champagne. Usually works. so I guess my answer is I plan both, but separately.


50/ 50 here as I’ve no one to please but myself so I’ll eat and drink whatever’s available and takes my fancy at the time !


We’re also on Peyrabon this year but with venison.

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In theory, first an outline of the main protein & style… (beef wellington, poached salmon, roast goose etc) and secondly choose the wine once the final cooking style is decided.

But the reality is I have already bought a selection of wines, so I suppose I have chosen the wine first?

I see it as an application of the ‘double diamond’ design process.


Being old dears we rarely eat venison . The last venison i purchased in Sainsburys was vacum packed in New Zealand !


Ours is hopefully not coming that distance. Should be from just down the road. :grinning:

My first plan is: what time are we going to eat? That invariably triggers a family disagreement.