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Which of these Rioja's for a gift


I would like to purchase a nice bottle of Rioja for my brothers birthday, I know he likes Rioja and he has also visited the province on a trip to Spain.

I have a few in mind but unsure what one I should go for, I have tried the Muga recently myself and he has seen that bottle, so want something else.

These are the ones im looking at:




What would be your choice?


If he likes Rioja but is not a crazy wine head like us lot then he might not have ever tried a good mature example. In which case the Lopez de Haro could be something a little out of the ordinary for him. I had the 2001 recently and thought it a wonderful smooth mature Rioja.

Otherwise for a present there’s a lot to be said for going for the Aran GR just because a gran reserva is always going to feel a little more special that a reserva.


I gifted a 2004 LdH last week. They come wrapped in some nice paper with similar or perhaps same art as the label. Had a bottle with family last summer which was rather nice. Weekend drinking thread [12 to 14 August 2022] - #56 by Ieuanf


If he likes big bold wines, then the Viña Arana would be first choice.

If he likes a more traditional, savoury wine, then the LdH would be the best bet.

And if he likes a bit of both, then the Viña Ardanza is probably best :grinning:


If you have access to a Costco, I believe they are still doing the Viña Arana 2014 for £24.99. Still a few bottles in my local store (Farnborough). It seems like a good price.


I would go for the 2004, but I am known to have expressed some reservations with regards to Rioja in the past. Would be even better if the year started with a 1.


My vote goes to Mike’s suggestion! All three are great wines but the Ardanza is readily available, the Arana probably needs a few years to be spectacular, whereas the Classica is well aged and ready now. Much harder to find a 2004 Rioja unless you know where to look or prepared to spend the money on a bottle. Plus I think there is something fun about trying an aged wine if you like Rioja.


In my view the 2012s and 2015s are only just ready to drink. Personally won’t be touching my dozen 2012s for at least a few years. Haven’t had the 2004 but the 2001 was a lovely mature and mellow rioja.


The ardanza is a hands down great wine

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I will go for the Lopez de Haro.


Sorry for being contrary but I would introduce him to Ribera Del Duero :innocent:


Funnily enough we’ve just a couple of weeks ago taken out a business account with them, not really for wine but… and whilst I’m down south, as I am now, I do have access to them…oh dear!

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The 14 isn’t a patch on the 15!