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Which of these reds would go well with roast lamb

I have a limited selection of reds and Im wondering which would go best with roast lamb.

So here is the choice

The Society’s French Syrah 2020

The Society’s Exhibition Malbec 2020

and the below


I reckon you’d enjoy any of them with roast lamb. I’d probably be tempted by the Fronton as it looks like an interesting blend with a few years on it.

Let us know which you choose and how you get on


Any of the above, but I’d go for Malbec because it is one of the Claret grapes and lamb is the prefect match with Claret.

BTW - we are having roast lamb tonight with Claret - or a Bordeaux blend (I haven’t checked what’s available yet)


Thanks everyone, I think I will go for the Malbec, how long would you leave that one decanted?

I’d give it an hour to open it up. It’ll probably take longer, but factor in how long you’ll be sipping it with dinner.


Yeah true, I will perhaps give it 30mins then as will do the double decant method back into the bottle.

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Before you aerate it again by pouring back into bottle, have a taste to see if it needs it.

I religiously pour a measure to drink after initial decant to ensure the wine isn’t corked. I could do the check by smelling, but it doesn’t taste as good :slight_smile:


I was only going to double decant as I don’t have a wine decanter yet, just a glass jug, which I don’t want to pour from, so putting back in original bottle.

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I tried the Fronton last Autumn and thought it needed even more time. Close call between the Syrah & Malbec. So my choice would be the Syrah, which can be fresh & fruity when made in a ‘ready to drink’ style.


I had the Exhibition Malbec, gave it about 35mins in the jug, and then funnelled it back into the bottle, and it was a really nice wine, not long been a member of society but purchased a few reds and this is the nicest I have tried so far.
Slight Fruit at the forefront with a nice smokey finish, and really smooth.

Still drinking it now and its actually got better, so an 1hr decanting would have been perfect, but the roast lamb was ready.

I like Malbec and have a bottle of Mendel to try as well, but going to leave that one for now.


Pauillac is the ‘traditional’ recommendation

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I’d have the Malbec. I absolutely love Rioja with lamb.

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