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Which Margaux?

  1. Delicious!

get some Muga rioja for 15 quid instead :joy::joy:

This would echo my thoughts.

For me…
St Estephe especially is much more masculine and like most boys takes longer to mature but is always “rigid”
Margaux - steely and tight when young but opens to a lovely smooth, fruit driven wine
Listrac find a little more “rustic” but in a good way - the fruit is more ‘from the woods’


I’ve been buying D’Angludet since 1990 in most decent vintages and have never had a bad one. The ‘90 is still a lovely wine!


I have very fond memories of the ‘78, 83 and 85 d’Angludet - indeed we had the ‘83 as one of our wedding breakfast wines in 1998. ‘83 was a superb Margaux vintage (better in many cases than ‘82) and Angludet was perfectly ready after 15 years of cellaring. I kept a couple of bottles back for our 10th anniversary and it was still drinking well in 2008. So it has staying power.

Labegorce-Zede however was always my favourite Margaux cru bourgeois - especially the 78, 83 and 89. Sadly it was merged back into the larger Labegorce after 2005. In most vintages I felt it had the edge over d’Angludet.

This thread has also reminded me I have a couple of odd bottles of ‘96 Marquis d’Aleseme Becker in the cellar. Historically it was rarely seen in the Uk. I bought mine in a small village in the Charente while visiting family. I must try one soon. Reviews aren’t great but it will be an interesting experiment.

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This thread, stems from a city break in Bordeaux last summer. One day I took the single track train out to Margaux village and was profoundly disappointed by the monoculture and eyewateringly expensive wines on offer. Ditto pauillac which was perhaps worse.

But… I persevered and picked up several bottles of lesser château - truly marvelous wines which raised the bar somewhat. Hence my search to recapture the experience.


The only one of these I have tried is Angludet.
I have bought it many times.
It is consistent and has a particular character.
I think of it as the Beaumont of Margaux :slight_smile:

I’m opinionated and stupid (some say I should have been a polititician :smiley: )

OK - in the end I bought both the Angludet 2011 & Brane 2012. Both given a 2 hr decant in the trusty TWS decanter before tasting. The Ang. was rounded, velvety, balanced and a lovely easy drinking wine, yet complex. The Brane, brighter, sharper & more defined, more aromatic - slightly more tannin & less mature - definite loganberry.

Both are EXCELLENT, choosing between them I think comes down to personal likes & expectation. The Angludet is at its best right now, the Brane perhaps is still on the up? My advice would get a half dozen of each and put them down to compare with your guests for Xmas’s to come.