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Which Margaux?


TWS has 3 Margaux’s priced between £26 and £23. Simple question… which should I buy?

To open straight away, no cellaring, a wine that appoaches the superlatives often attributed to bottles way beyond my budget.


I would go Angludet, it is not a second wine and I have had nice Bordeaux from the 2011 vintage.


The Angludet would be my immediate choice too (the extra age is tempting) - I was wondering however if the collective hivemind of TWS community might think otherwise?


I have no experience of the Society Margaux, but can highly recommend both the Angludet and the Baron de Brane. @szaki1974 is right that the Baron is a second wine but bear in mind that Brane Cantenac have a third wine as well (Margaux de Brane if I remember correctly) so the Baron doesn’t have all the dregs in it!


I have a lot of Angludet but have only drunk the 2008. And until last year i was distinctly unimpressed, but it seemed to finally open up, so I’m waiting on the others. No clue how much that is about the vintage but if it’s typical of the style then I’d avoid the 2011 for a while yet.


I think the Baron de Brane probably drinks better young than the Angludet.


I had a bottle of the 2011 Baron de Brane last October and very much enjoyed it!


I had a bottle of the 2011 a couple of years ago and also found it unexpectedly good. Not tried the Angludet though so can’t compare.


Yes I am still sitting on 09 Angludet, the latest JR tasting note suggested it will still closed down a bit. But ‘twas ever the way with critically acclaimed vintages, structured wines from them take a long time to come round, and a lot of french regions’ 2011s seem to have provided relatively early pleasure. I will be interested in the views of anyone who tries the 2011, certainly few vintages of this wine still retail anywhere under £30.


I very much like the Angludet. In recent months I drank 4 bottles of the 2002, which is absolutely delicious, with 2 left which I am looking forward to. I have a case of the 2012 which I will not touch for some time, and awaiting the 2016 and 2018 bought en primeur ( I wanted to be sure to get the 2018, so I have not waited for TWS offer, and bought it elsewhere). For opening straight away I would not buy any recent years as they may disappoint, depending on your taste. I think Angludet is very good value for money.


I also bought the 2018 EP, just on the strength of the write-ups, as felt it well worth a punt at the price!


I’d go for the Baron de Brane too. I tasted the 2010 at the Decanter Bordeaux tasting yesterday. It was absolutely ready for drinking. I have tried a bottle of 2011 too. VGVFM.


So… thats pretty much equal for Angludet / Brane (yet surprisingly and rather worrying… no votes for TWS Exhibition) - with Angludet holding the advantage of not being a 2nd wine so presumably not 2nd rate?

I usually buy bottles in 2’s. Can I justify 2 each Ang/ Bran for £100 ish … I shall report back in a week or so - many thanks for the words of wisdom.


In fairness, as there also weren’t any words against the Exhibition Margaux, I suspect there simply aren’t any folk here who’ve tried it (I certainly haven’t yet). So I wouldn’t write it off but, as it’s made by Brane Cantenac, it is inevitably another second wine as, I suspect, are most of the Exhibition wines. Also in the second wine of some estates will beat the first of some others.


Ive just started on my 09 Angludet and it is just coming into drinking


Really interesting discussion here. I have had margaux but very little and can’t remember it much. What do you think distinguishes margaux compared to other bordeaux areas like st julien, graves etc


I’m no expert on this but I’ve tended to find St Estephe and St Julien a little austere and Margaux and Moulis somewhat more smooth and mellow. I’m sure there are others who can give a more comprehensive description. But I can’t say I’ve really tried enough different wines from each area to give a comprehensive comparison.


Just to say we tasted the Exhibition Margaux just now and can attest to its deliciousness. Very much ready now, and a very pleasurable style of wine. Ch Notton apparently. “supple ripe autumnal” in my notes but this was wine #30-something so what do I know.


I’ll second this. Plenty of Margaux deliciousness here, definitely worth a look in. Drinking well.


Is that the 2015 or 16 Tom? I recently bought 6 bottles of the 15s and plan to keep them a few more years before drinking them.