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Which day is no wine day (s) .... and why?


We all get into habits which help us structure a week. I wondered if there were days when we say to ourselves (or others) "No. not on a … " . But sometimes we break the self-imposed rules, “Well just this once … and I don’t have to be in work until late-morning.”


Less of ‘not on a specific day’, more of ‘not on 3 consecutive days’. This is about ensuring you can finish off the last bottle, but not start another.


No wine on Mondays (that’s hard) and Wednesdays in this household.

They have been coordinated with my fast days on the 5:2 diet but we were already doing 2 days a week without alcohol.

We might switch, as I take a hiatus from the diet over Christmas, and make the days consecutive instead, but not sure I could handle even more days a week without tasting something delicious


No wine Monday to Thursday, we then open something nice on the Friday to enjoy Friday/Saturday usually - we used to have a bottle open all the time but have recently decided to move from buying a couple of ‘everyday’ £6-7 wines to one nicer £10-£12 wine (actually works out cheaper).


We have three nights on wine, four nights off. Like Mitch I used to buy £6-£9 wines and drink every night but now spend £8 up to £15 or very occasionally, even £30. Overall I probably spend more, but the pleasure I get from it is infinitely more too. Usual drinking days are Thurs, fri and sat. I enjoy the four days off - and am probably more happy than I should be when I wake on Thursday morning!


I think 3 on 4 off as per both @M1tch and @ASmith really works well (see the wine and fitness thread as well)…although the less I drink the more I seem to spend on wine…


You’re all making me feel guilty! slight_smile:


No wine on Tuesdays or Thursdays here! :slight_smile: I’d make it consecutive, but I am too much of a #WineWednesday fan…


I try to keep Monday to Wednesday wine free, but I’m not hardline about it and lots of factors come into play that can interfere with that. Generally speaking I’m happy with two days each week without wine.


I tend to drink beer on my wine-free days. Does that count?


Glad there is someone else in the same boat as me, really do start looking forward to Friday evening after waiting all week to open a bottle of something that I can sit and enjoy rather than wine just being another beverage.


My Dying day, coz I’ll be dead… But the family can drink whatever’s left in the cellar to celebrate!


when the working day has been neither successful nor frustrating :wink:


So, not today then. I’m dealing with incompetence and buffoonery on an unprecedented scale. Where’s the nebbiolo?


When I’m unwell. Like now I have a cold. More seriously when the docs said no wine for a month following an op I did a month. I also didn’t feel like drinking then either.


I go along with the 4 (occasionally 3) days off & 3 (occasionally 4)days on) but this is as much to do with the ongoing waistline battle as anything else. But what has really changed my habits as someone living alone is the purchase of a Coravin which does away with the “must finish the bottle” issue. Annoyingly I can’t edit out that intrusive ) because the society logo is blocking it!


No wine on days when Manchester United play. Everyone knows you can’t expect a person to watch football and taste wine at the same time. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

Beer, on the other hand…


Fellow United fan here. Conversely I find wine pretty much essential to help dull the pain of watching Mourinho waste all that attacking talent. Beer just doesn’t quite hit the same spot somehow!


My Dr said 2 days a week would be a good idea for my liver so i chose the 2nd and 3rd of January and that seems to work quite well for me.


Theoretically Monday to Wednesday (inclusive), practically mood has an influence. Also trying a month each quarter, but failing miserably.