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Which CDR to buy?

Last night we had
2015 Domaine Delubac Cairanne Les Bruneau (Cotes du Rhone Villages)
which depleted my stock of Grenache/Syrah blends and am looking to buy more.

Because of lockdown I was going to buy a TWS case, and was looking at
2015 Château Courac Côtes du Rhône which works out at £8.92 a bottle but I have to buy 12, or there’s
2017/8 Leon Perdigal Côtes du Rhône at £7.99 from Majestic and if I get 6 there’s free delivery.

Any opinions?

The 2015 Domaine Delubac Cairanne Les Bruneau was a blend of Grenache (55%), Syrah (25- 30%), Mourvèdre (10%), old Carignan (5%) according to their website, but I found the black pepper from Syrah become overpowering. (I used to really like Syrah/Shiraz but now dislike the pepperiness that once attracted me)

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I’ve not tried either of the ones you suggest but have enjoyed this before…

Albeit, not the 2018 which seems to get some mixed reviews. Earlier vintages were good.

If the black pepper is overpowering then maybe venture a little further away from the Rhone? Both of these are good at a similar price point…

No syrah at all. And this one which does have…

Back in Cairanne, but at a slightly higher price, then this is excellent…


Pierre Amadieu is a good producer, I’d be very tempted by this one.
Of course there is guigal CDR which Majestic do too, all be it for more money.
I also wonder about this

Great cote rotie producer who sourced this from the south.


The 2016 Guigal is lovely but it is a couple more quid a bottle than the Courac. I’ve had the Courac and thought it was OK but nothing special. I like the Escaravailles wines a lot but I do find them on the heavier side usually.

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Thanks, all

@Alchemist - thanks for these suggestion.

I had three bottles of the Rive Droite Rive Gauche and I don’t think I’ll buy any more

The Corbieres looks good, Grenache & Carignan. I’m liking Carignan more and more, and Mrs M likes Grenache. Shame it’s a case of 12.

The description “the peppery fruit” deters me from Côtes du Vivarais

The Pierre Amadieu is more than I want to spend, and I want a wine for drinking next week not one that “will need a little while to come round”

@Russ and @tom

I used to buy boot loads – literally – of Guigal CdR from EastEnders when driving back from a week’s work in Brussels. Lovely stuff, and cheap then, but more now than I want to spend, which also rules out Le Temps.

I just want a pleasant inexpensive wine for mid-week when Mrs M states she wants a ‘Rhone’ type wine.

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I’ve just taken delivery of a half case of the Courac ordered on the strength of a couple of taster bottles bought a couple of months back. Personally I think that it’s pretty good generally and an absolute steal at the price.

Might be lacking a bit of freshness/acidity for some, but good body, plenty of fruit and a bit of complexity. I’ve drunk this as encore to a couple of more expensive Rhones (TWS Exhibition Crozes & an fairly average Waitrose Gigondas) and in both cases I thought it stood up remarkably well.

Have also had the Rive Droite Rive Gauche (not '18 though) which I thought was a bit lighter, but also good, and plenty of the Guigal which is great, but a slightly different price point.

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I can see only cases of 12 on the site

Perhaps one more option, again with no syrah…? New wine to me but would be interested to know if any community members have tried it

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Ah. This was from a mixed order placed pre-lockdown. I’ve been delivered half of two separate orders each side of the holiday…

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Thanks, looks good.

I thought I had had this in the past, but I can’t find a record of it on CT. And it comes in a half-case!

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The Delas Grignan might work? There are a couple and the cheap one is pretty good.

Has anyone tried the Bout d’zan?

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  • Disclaimer -
    I have no financial interest in this product.
    I have recommended it’s use several times.

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In my experience, a wine can be, in some respects what you wish it to be.
If you just pull the cork and pour; that is one iteration
Open and pour into a decanter and leave for a few hours, a different experience.
Open and pour through an Aerator into a decanter and taste when you like, another realisation.
I drink lots of different CdR’s.
From the Mas du Libian (cellared '13-'16) inclusive, never fails to impress. 2016 £10.68 per bottle. :grinning:
Guigal CdR A NO brainer!!
Coudoulet de Beaucastel CdR The N7 road separates the Coudoulet vineyard from the Beaucastel vineyard. The same terroir, made the same way as the Grand Vin, BUT at one third of the price. I have drunk a swimming pool full of this wine, the 1989/1990 vintages were wonders to behold! :wink: The run of 2015 - 2017 should run those wines close!! The 2014 vintage costed me £12 per bottle, the 2016 GREAT CH9dP vintage, an unshabby £17! :grinning:
Clos du Caillou CdR Reserve A CH9dP except for a moronic decision in 1923? when the family spat their dummy out regarding the registration of this plot to be included in the newly formed CH9dP AOC. And so it has been a plain old CdR since! :open_mouth: My 2015 costed me £19.47 per bottle, so not cheap! But for that money, I got a CH9dP from Clos du Caillou, by any other name! :grinning:

We are so fortunate to have access to such a range of great CdR’s, Chapeau Marcel! :tophat:
But if I documented here the great Gigondas wines that I bought from 2016, you would cry!! :cry: And you do NOT have to empty your piggy banks to jump on this train. I really like the Cazaux property’s Gigondas Sarrasine. The 2013 was utterly fantastic on it’s day. The 2016 was £15 per bottle, remember a great Southern Rhone vintage.

And for those sobbing into your hankies for opportunities missed , FEAR NOT!!
2019 has been a very good vintage in Southern Rhone. There is an upside to Global Warming. :wink: Next January, I am sure we will be presented with a list of goodies that wine merchants across the land would love to be able to offer. But only us, the Wine Society members will have access, so think about a strategy now, formulate a plan to suit your pocket.
Off the 2018 Rhone EP offer, Candives was £47 per 6 bottle case, Sarrasine a laughable £60 and the Gigondas Pallieres Racines (maybe their BEST EVER wine) was £105. You do not have to spend big money to enjoy what is superb value.
My advice, “fill yer boots,” but I would say that, wouldn’t I!! :wink: :wink: :grinning:


I love the Delas Grignan. Unfortunately out of stock but worth watching out for the new vintage…whenever that may be.

Stocks running low here so I have tried the local supermarket and this Morrison’s Languedoc fits the bill well. It must be the 2018 not this 2016 vintage


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Must be going mad. The Grignan is now showing in stock. I’d swear that this was out of stock this afternoon. Must have cabin fever.

By coincidence, I’ve just opened a bottle of this.
Bought a case and this is the first one I’ve opened.



Showing as Due In 10-Jun Order Now

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Thanks @Gtong

In other circumstances I’d toddle down to Morrisons but I’m confined to house.

Of course, in other circumstances I’d be off to the Cellar Showroom to get a couple of bottles of each that took my fancy…

Another vote for Coudoulet de Beaucastel - delicious, and superb QPR.
If you can find Chapoutier CdR too, well worth it - usually under a tenner. Google suggests Tesco and Majestic!


Worth a look at 8.99 in a case of 6…

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