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Where's the Value - TWS Taste event



We will be tasting a couple of wines together and exchanging views, tasting notes and food matches. If you have the wines, please join in. If you don’t have them, read on and buy them, and you can still leave a comment to continue the conversation in future.

Tonight’s festivities kick off at 7pm and we will be tasting:


So, who is here - ready to join the event?


I’ve had a lemsip aperitif and am ready to go


We are here in South Wales


I’m ready!


Okay - here we go with info overload on the first wine of the evening!

The Society’s Slovenian White 2016

This wine is made for The Society by Dveri Pax near Maribor in Slovenia

The estate originated as vineyards tended by Benedictine monks almost 900 years ago, and the name Dveri Pax stem from two words – ‘dveri’ is Serbo-Croat for door, and ‘pax’ is Latin for peace – going through the door of peace leads you into the monastery.

While the vineyards are in Slovenia, the monks are in Austria (Graz) - borders were a little more fluid back in 1139!

When Slovenia regained independence from Yugoslavia, they were able to reclaim and rebuild their old vineyards investing considerable amounts of effort and money because the monks take an enviably long-term view and have good resources. A spanking new cellar was completed in 2007.

From 2001 when the new investment came on stream, Erich Krutzler (husband of Elin Pichler from top Austrian estate FX Pichler) took charge. Now the winery is in the very capable hands of Danilo Flakus.

There are now 73 hectares (180 acres) of vines within the 320 hectare estate spread over 12 vineyards within the Podravje wine region in north-east Slovenia, around the towns of Maribor, Radgone, Kapela and Jeruzalem.
11 grape varieties are grown, three of which (furmint,

pinot grigio

and riesling)

are blended to make this wine.

Here is the furmint vineyard near Jeruzalem
Dveri Pax furmint vineyard  near Jeruzalem

This wine was blended jointly by Danilo, outgoing Eastern Europe buyer Sebastian Payne MW and his successor Freddy Bulmer. The resulting wine has the following tasting note on our website:

“The Alpine foothills round Maribor in north-east Slovenia have long been a source of brilliant white wines. This exclusive blend of furmint, pinot grigio and riesling shows why, with good body and style combined with an Alpine-fresh lightness of touch and a faint prickle on the palate.”


Oooh - hadn’t realised how close to Austria this was. I’m a big fan of wines from Austria and I would say I’m detecting similar characteristics (though that may be self-delusion)


Shall we have a sniff? :grinning:


way ahead of you


It seems a very fresh wine with an aroma of pear drops and a slight frizzante.


I caught lychee on the nose. It definitely has a prickle on the palate. I think the tasting notes are really accurate!


Ooh, def getting pears, and maybe even a hint of something slightly almond/frangipane-like.


Mrs Croquet Chris here: I’m getting a bit if citrus with my pear drops and a backnote of pine


I got some small bubbles in the glass too - and you can smell it a little. So young.

I get some wet grass as well as the pear you mention, plus maybe something peachy? It does, I have to say, remind me a bit of Gruner Veltliner … hence the Austrian comment


I get some hay and a slight lick of lanolin, which suggests to me a richness more akin to the character of pinot gris rather than pinot grigio (i.e. the Alsace, rather than the Friuli version!)


Sorry I’m late… didn’t expect to make it at all… but here I am


I like how we are all pretending we haven’t tasted it yet :wink:


Have to say I’m not a big fan of dry furmint, but blended with these other two I could be persuaded …


Come on, we know you’ve all done it already, but for the more abstemious among you - let’s taste! Whaddaya reckon?


Yay! Hello @leah! What dya reckon to the Society’s Slovenian White? :smiley:

Re: taste, I really enjoy this. So ridiculously fresh and still nice and fruity, with flavours that last a good while and a lovely texture. :slight_smile: