Where should I start? (Red recommendations )

Hey everyone - I am new here. I am not sure where to start.

If you had to pick one bottle of red between the many sold by the wine society, which one will it be and why?


Lots of people will chip in with their favourite bottles, but there are two approaches that are even better:
-looking at the mixed cases, specifically those aiming to be an introduction to different regions or styles, or to broaden your horizons.
-order a few bottles from “the society’s own” range, which is aiming to be a good value, typical exemplar of that wine style, and a good, and good value, way of getting to know that style.

or combine the two, and buy this mixed case of the society’s own range.

p.s. welcome!


Honestly it doesnt matter where you start - most members are here for decades / a lifetime - so a starting point can be anywhere. It’s a dead cert your tastes will change over the next few thousand bottles, which is part of the fun.

Just buy some bottles that fit your budget, of a style which you already like. As the chap above says… ‘TWS own range’ is a very good place to start.


Or if you can spend a bit more the Exhibition range has some very good reds. The Vacqueyras, Rioja Riserva and Sonoma Pinot Noir come to mind, but there are many more.


You could try this for a start but holeon to your credit cards

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Give them a call, explain what you’ve liked in the past, and they’ll be able to help with similar. Then you can start exploring. Alternatively, if you’re near Stevenage, pop into the showroom and taste some bits and pieces either from the machine or when they have a tasting event on - wines for BBQ is coming up soon i think


Welcome Luca! You’ll get loads of good advice and suggestions, I’m sure.
There’s no rush and it will take a good few years to try enough wines to firm-up your likes and dislikes - very definitely an ongoing journey. My advice is to go to some walkaround or tutored tastings - a quick way to try lots of great wines.

My favourite in-stock red wine suggestions are:

The Society’s Spanish Monastrell, Jumilla 2021 (thewinesociety.com)

Barbera d’Asti Superiore, Il Cascinone d’Annona 2016 (thewinesociety.com)

Grove Mill Marlborough Pinot Noir 2021 (thewinesociety.com)

All are delicious, but also very different from each other.


Welcome to you, Lucas! I think it’s a journey of exploration and, unlike the jocular Irishman, it isn’t a matter of where one starts. Over many years I have tried most things but age has now led me away from long-maturing wines to those which can be enjoyed now and not too much later. But if you are young the wine horizon is wide and the road there is long! Enjoy.

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I would recommend considering some half bottles in the mix to aid variety and costs. If there is a half bottle of something I would like to try I invariably start with the half.