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Where have all the Argentinian wines gone?

TWS is currently listing just 9 wines from Argentina, counting both reds and whites. There is nothing at all from Mendel who normally have at least 2 or 3 on the list and no Exhibition Mendoza Malbec (which is normally made by Catena). What has happened? Is this COVID-related? Can anyone from the Society explain? @Toby.Morrhall

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Sales of the Mendel wines were far higher than planned. New vintages have been ordered but there are big delays on shipping. Exh Malbec was removed from the web because shipping delays again has left us with little stock. It will appear in the new list next week. In the short term and on the Xmas list we will have less wines than normal.

I have ordered quite a few new wines for next year. When they will arrive depends on the shipping scenario which is looking even worse than it has been.


Thanks for the reply, Toby. Glad to hear its a temporary glitch. (I love Mendel especially, and was concerned by its absence.)

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Here’s hoping for some more variety from Susana Balbo.


Thanks for the information Toby, kind of you to interject.
I was glad the Unus was cheaper in the 2018.
Would it be unfair to ask you about the Mendel Cuvee that Majestic sell. I couldn’t find anything on the web about it. Does it fit into the range between straight Malbec and Unus or something else.
Please just say if you can’t say. Don’t want to put you in a bind.

I do not know about that wine.

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Is that affecting all of South America or Argentina particularly? Must make that aspect of your role pretty challenging.

Its bad everywhere but it lengthens leadtimes for the longhaul routes, South America and Australasia, which are long enough already. So if something sells more quickly than planned its hard to get it back in stock in time and is likely to leave gaps.


Sadly Bernardo Weinert has died.


Looks like the future of Weinert is in good hands.


“I echo that thought. Broach a bottle of Weinert and toast Bernardo Weinert’s great vision and skill in creating such an individual style of wine.”

From your instagram post. I’ll be doing this this evening. A sad loss, although as @NW3Andre says, the future is in good hands.


Yes, his daughter Iduna has turned the company around and it has a bright future under her leadership.


I have been looking out for the return of the Mendel Malbec to the list. I was therefore very excited when reading my copy of the 1874 magazine today to see the 2019 featured. However, it is listed as being out of stock:


Has it really sold out already? I think I check every few weeks and I never saw it for sale… Was there only a very small quantity? Can @Toby.Morrhall advise?

Scrolling through the new wines list, it looks like it was added the same time as the other wines in the magazine, perhaps stock hasn’t arrived yet? Could be delayed due to one thing and another but as it was in the magazine it went on the site

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I hope you’re right. But I would have thought that in that case it would be marked “due in on [date]” rather than out of stock?!

This leads me to one of my (admittedly minor) bugbears with the new website; they seem to have gotten rid of the “due in” status. This causes some issues with the “sort by new” feature because I’ve noticed that sometimes “new” wines get uploaded as “out of stock” and then rapidly disappear down the list before they become “in stock”. If you don’t end up wishlisting them, you’re unlikely to track when they then become available (again, using the “sort by new” feature) and miss out!

The problem is; you don’t know if a wine is truly out of stock or whether its a placeholder for when it’s due back in stock!


I’m regularly checking for new wines at the moment, almost every day there are wines just added that show out of stock and then a few days later they are showing as being available. Seems to be the way the new site is working and when the wines are loaded. Clearly it may not be the case here but if I see a wine out of stock that’s news I tend to add to my Wishlist and wait a few days to see if it is then in stock


replied before reading your post. I’ve taken the view that low stock items are just that, a few bottles/cases found in the warehouse unless a museum release. Any out of stock items just added to the list will appear soon as being in stock

The Mendel wines arrived in the UK port about 3 weeks ago. Delivery to The Wine Society has been planned a couple of times but lack of drivers available to the shipper has meant this has not yet occurred. Own label malbec and Exhibition malbec have arrived at Stevenage and are available. I also have a couple of Catena wines that have arrived at Stevenage and will be listed soon. Some more Zaha wines have been ordered and in normal times should be here within about 5 weeks. At present there is no telling when they will arrive. I can only apologise for the delays, sorry.


Unless you are a certified HGV driver neglecting your duties to TWS’ supply chain I see no need to apologise. Thanks for the helpful update, it must be frustrating for everyone involved.