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Where can I buy Scandinavian Wine in the UK?

Hi community!
I want to buy wine from Sweden and Denmark - are there any importers in the UK?

Wow… they actually make it?! I guess you have your reasons why you want to :grinning: but I’m 99% sure it’s impossible here. Production must be tiny, even in comparison to English wine, which is basically pretty rubbish apart from fizzy stuff.

Ha ha! They do. I lived in Stockholm a few years back and had some great Ice Wine but i’d like to try the red and white still wine.

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Have you tried any of Tillingham’s wine? Think it would be to your taste - not cheap of course, but definitely not rubbish

No, haven’t tried them. I’ve obviously had quite a few English still wines, but never found anything i thought was remotely worth what it cost.

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I’ve personally enjoyed Gusbourne wines - their small parcel Pinot Noir is really worth a try when it is available.