When's your Community anniversary (and how long have you been here)?

After lurking for a few months I finally signed up on the 1st March 2019. I didn’t engage in any form of social media prior to that date so kudos to everyone here for being so friendly and helpful and for creating such an unintimidating ‘community’ atmosphere that I felt safe in doing so.

You lot certainly know how to yank my chain though. These storage ‘areas’, didn’t exist prior to 2019 ( those of you with wine fridges and cellars will be horrified ). There’s now a replenishment cupboard in addition to the 250 bottles, in the racks, in the main one…

…and further overspill in the stairwell too.

Oh, that black hole known as reserves has probably doubled in size too.

The excuse being, retirement planning :grimacing:


I joined the Community in August 2018, but really just lurked for a while until I started posting properly around October/November. I’ve not looked back - this is my only real social media presence, and I can only echo what others have said about it being such a welcoming, friendly place to come, learn and share. (And the bit about it being bad for the bank account…)


The responses to this already are just…

:smiley: And nice to see there’s such a mix of length of tenures!

Thanks for the reminder - I hadn’t done this for a while (the wine envy is too strong while I can’t drink during my pregnancy! :see_no_evil:) and I just had a look at the most recent weekend drinking topic, such incredible wine-and-food combos and lovely photos!

Yes, November 17th 2017 for you! Here almost since the start. :slight_smile:

I’ve been amused by the many comments on this theme in this topic, but this one made me properly laugh out loud. :rofl:

I also just looked at the ‘Summary’ section of my profile and saw I’ve posted 3,000 times! :scream_cat: Which seems like quite a bit, but then again I’m guessing there’s many of you who have posted a lot more times than that! :smiley:


!!!I think I missed this memo!!! Congratulations! many blessings to you, @MrLaura and the dogdogs <3


28 March 2020, in my case - a lockdown joiner. Loving the variety of tasting notes, drinking ideas, food combos and travel tales, and just the depth of knowledge you can find and absorb in bite size chunks here. Hard to think of a better way to broaden your wine collection with confidence, than soaking up the advice available on the Community.



Might I add my best wishes to you three!! :dragon:


Errrrr must of missed this announcement! Congratulations!!!

We probably need a non-alcoholic drinks thread now!


Congratulations, @laura. The journey starts now!
I’ve been part of this community since Dec 5, '17, so into my 4th year. It’s been a great ride. I haven’t managed to anger too many people, so that’s a plus. That’s very untypical of me, but that can be fixed.


Congratulations on a great-looking pile! Mine’s not dissimilar but it hasn’t reached the heights of yours. How often do you find yourself wanting something in the bottom boxes, though… Or is that all part of the plan, to stop you drinking those earlier than you should?

I’m a relative newbie here too, joined Feb 20, but didn’t visit or post much till earlier this year. Can’t keep me away now though and thanks to you all for entertainment, insight, inspiration and ruinous expenditure.



I heard that wine with the black bird in the box is real good. Especially the vintage in the bottom box.




LOL ! Until two weeks ago, all too frequently. Trying to find a specific bottle was akin to having a workout so I had to reorganise the piles. Young and ageworthy wines are now at the bottom and back and wines for drinking now to the front and top. Unfortunately, to allow for horizontal storage of the bottles therein, the standard TWS case design means that most of the boxes are stored on their non load bearing side resulting in a slightly worrying lean angle at the top of each stack !

I was going to suggest that TWS should use the far superior, and eminently stackable, flatpack design of case but I’d probably end up building a floor to ceiling wall out of them :wink:


At least I know what’s in those boxes !

The ones in the cupboard are all mixed cases with only the vaguest of clues, written in biro, to indicate what might be in them. A bit like self compiled mystery cases in many ways :slightly_smiling_face:


How did you work out the data Mike? - is it possible to derive from TWS order history ? nb: I go back to 2012 (so that’s 3 pages or 141 x orders)


2012: my 1st order contained this gem… 20 y/o cask strength Mortlach whisky for £29 !!! If only I had the foresight to buy more than that single bottle.



No, sorry, data are extracted from my own spreadsheet, from which I can derive how much I have ordered each year (including EP so no hiding). It has proved to be a very powerful brake on my excessive buying!

I am already up to a worryingly high level for this year and must hold back some now! Gives me more incentive to possibly completely dodge this year’s Bordeaux EP! I shall see how the prices look!

It gets worse. I had a 21 y/o Highland Park (albeit @ 40%) also for £29 in 2012


Update NOW I’ve read the thread title… so I joined the Community Oct 2017. Stupid me, I thought it was about when one joined TWS originally… Duh.


The black bird is a thrush -zorzal is the Spanish for thrush. Hence the birds on all the bottles and the ornithological names for cuvees. “Lecciones de vuelo” translates as “flying lessons”


@laura HUGE MASSIVO congratulations to you and @MrLaura … I’m sure everyone had already told you to get your sleep in now :kissing_heart::wink:!
Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy xx


Total newbie, just a few months. Joined because I was cut off from buying from European based retailers, mainly Portugal Vineyards who introduced me to the very many delights of that county’s wines at bargain prices. Didn’t fancy worrying about the duty and VAT bill that seemed to be threatened, so joined the WS

On the other hand, now I’m no longer a ‘tax avoider’ and while like everyone, my spend escalates, so does my pleasure and it is also nice to experience the global world of wine, having for the last few years restricted myself to one country- though I still have a few very nice bottles ageing from those purchases.


Just looked up my anniversary badge - I have 3. Joined in May 18 although joined the Society in late 80s!


I joined just before the end of 2017.

The Community is one the select few groups that I interact with.