When's your Community anniversary (and how long have you been here)?

Hi all,

I got a notification this week that I’d been granted my fourth ‘Anniversary’ badge, which was a nice reminder that I first joined this Community in July 2017, just before its official launch. :smiley:

I wondered how many of the Community members that joined in that first year still contribute here - I’m guessing a fair few judging by the familiar faces. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And plenty more of you joined later on and have since very much made your mark here, of course!

Anyone fancy sharing their Community anniversary, and how long they’ve been here?

You can find your anniversary easily by clicking on your avatar/profile picture on any post of yours, where there’s a date in the ‘Joined’ field:

You can also find your Anniversary badge(s) in the Badges section:

  • Click your avatar/profile picture in the top right of the Community
  • Click the ‘Preferences’ icon which pops up underneath (the ‘person’ symbol on the top right) and then click ‘Summary’ below it
    Annotation 2021-07-09 182323
  • Click ‘Badges’ in the top centre-right on the Summary page:
  • Scroll through until you see the Anniversary badge!
    Annotation 2021-07-09 183433

Looking forward to reminiscing with you all and finding out when you joined - how has the Community changed since then?


January 2018 for me, wow, where’s the time gone… :sweat_smile:


August 2018 was when I lost control of my bank balance/joined the community.

Highlights so far for me have been

  • Discovering so many new wines by reading the different threads
  • Hand slipping to order wine
  • The joy of a new shade of red
  • The lack of excitement and hype around the bin series
  • Reading everyone’s exciting weekday and weekend wines - love these threads

But most of all finding some like minded people to keep me sane during the last 18 months


Some kind of bad April Fools joke here.


Utterly destroyed my bank account. As @Winestwit said, kept me somewhere slightly closer to sane than I’d have otherwise been over the past 18 months.


Yes, also a Jan 2018.


September 1st 2017, I think I would have a lot more shoes by now if I hadn’t been involved since then :rofl:!


I can’t remember the actual date but didn’t realise that when I did join I was one of the first group, I was a late in life joining the wine society in April '17 and joined the community soon after? as we all say time flies.
And I doubt Leah that joining the WS has seriously damaged your ability to buy shoes… :wink:


July 13, 2017 apparently, which I guess makes me one of the the OG users.

I hate to think how many hours & how many £££’s have been burnt through as a result!


If you click on the group “original testers” it gives you a drop down of who was in it… still a good number of us still around. :wink:


I joined the Society on the 1st of February 2018, and this lovely community 9 days later. Both are amongst my better decisions :grinning:


I joined here in February 2018, but flitted in and out of activity until last March/April, since when the Community became a regular daily site for me!

This might sound strange, but it’s nice being part of a community that feels like it’s full of normal people, without any trolls or numpties on board. Not many forums are like that! Plus it’s a judgment-free zone - even better! :wink:


I joined March 30th 2020. That makes me a bit of a baby member. But am thoroughly enjoying reading all the contributions.


Joined the society 9 May 2005, Joined the community 16 March 2018. Boy has my purchasing gone up since I joined the community!


Same day.


I turn 4 on Wednesday, day after @MattH and @szaki1974 :birthday:

I enjoy the personalities and contributions and I’m always learning something new from people. This place really helped keep me sane during the first lockdown, thank you all. :sparkling_heart:


June 2020 so a newbie. Like @danchaq this group really helped me through the various lockdowns. I know more about wine than when I started thanks to folks here.


Just coming up to my first anniversary. As others have experienced, my eyes and my wallet have been opened much wider.


4 years in November. Many an hour since spent reading posts and compiling to buy lists. I daren’t check my wine expenditure in this period :grinning:


Same day as me.


It seems my first TWS order was July '16 and I joined the community in August '18 So I guess I missed the initial launch! However I note some interesting statistics on my buying

Year bottles bought
2016 Joined TWS 36
2017 66
2018 Joined community 121
2019 202

[note the 2016 was only 6 months of buying]
As has been previously observed by many; this community is damaging to your bank balance!