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When do you open your first bottle on Christmas Day?

Sharing our last weekly Christmas topic before the big day!

Thank you all so much for contributing to our Christmas topics in the lead up to Christmas, it has been wonderful reading your answers and learning a little bit more about how you all celebrate the festive season.

Only 3 sleeps until Christmas, so we now want to know:

When do you open your first bottle on Christmas Day?

In the morning, while cooking, when dinner is served? Let us know!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


Christmas eve!!! :crazy_face: :sunglasses:

More seriously it depends on weather/snow conditions. If They’re good then I’m out on the hill and it will be late, if they’re poor I’ll be sat in front of the fire drowning my sorrows and it’ll be early!! :smiley:


Brunch at about 10-1030 the fizz gets popped and things start to get even more merrier :champagne: :christmas_tree: :gift:


As chez @winechief , except nearer 1100 usually. Always fizz first, and I try to make sure it’s a known good one.


Another fizz at 10:30 ish here, the neighbours usually pop round but if they take ages I’ll have a glass without them.

This year its a magnum of the society’s house champagne.


Bollinger, Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon, whenever the breakfast gong goes!!
(I don’t drink much champagne these days)


We usually start with a bottle of sparking wine (more often than not, English) around 4pm, after a long walk. Sometimes, if we pass a country pub on the walk - we’d stop for mulled wine (me) and a pint of Harvey’s (him).

Personally I’m not very good with morning or even lunchtime drinking. On the odd occasion I do drink early, I become listless and grizzly by the afternoon, which is no fun for anyone present - especially not on Christmas day! :grinning:


Cos we are doing the French Christmas thing (which happens Christmas eve) I guess the first bottle of true Christmas day will be champagne shortly after midnight, well before your British Christmas day has actually started!

Bottle of Veuve Clicquot vintage 2012.


Historically at about 8, when the cooker first goes on. I am not involved with food at all this year (or time tables), but I’d imagine fizz at breakfast will happen.


We have our dinner in the evening. The monster turkey was delivered today (why, only Mrs M knows), so will probably open our aperitif sparkler around 18:15.

Like @Inbar I prefer to my drinking in the evening.

But, as we have guests, who knows?


Christmas is back on; we have re-confirmed for lunch at Mum & Dad’s and will be staying there overnight. I can’t see us opening anything at home before we drive, but I can see a bottle of chilled, 3 year-old TWS Brut being opened the moment we arrive.

The timing of that moment will depend on when:
a) we are woken up and
b) how long it takes the kids to pile into their presents, get bored* and demand to go and see Granny.

  • There are two Lego sets, so hopefully not too soon, though I would like a glass of champagne, so hopefully not too long…

I’m guessing this means you are now negative again?

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I am. Back to work a day early following the rule change and a couple of negative lateral flows.

Kids never tested positive (PCR at either end of isolation and 10 lateral flow tests in between)!


Excellent! Brilliant news! :smiley:

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Pretty well as soon as Mrs C finishes her coffee after we get back from church.

She drinks coffee frustratingly slowly.:frowning::sleeping:


Christmas Day it is most likely to be lunchtime, opening a Riesling with fish… Mind you major drinking will happen on Christmas Eve with a Furmint sparkler before lunch with my parents and my brother and his family, also to celebrate my Mum’s 70th. Then Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws and my wife’s brother and his family for more restraint drinking.


Champagne in bed - a tradition for us ever since we first got married. Usually finished over breakfast (sometimes there isn’t any left :relaxed:). This year we will switch to English Sparkling wine from the WS fixed case bought a few months ago.


What a fantastic tradition. I’m going to suggest this becomes a tradition at ours now - after all, all the fashionable people on TWS Community are doing it :grinning:


But someone has to go and fetch it, unless you have staff, of course.

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You don’t have a wine fridge beside?