When do you drink Spatlese?

I most often drink these wines with E/SE Asian food (as I did last night), alternatively with pork (all sorts) or just on their own. They’re not too expensive and have low alcohol, so a guilt-free way to tackle a bottle on one’s own, too.

As for drinking windows, I try to follow Mosel Fine Wines - a free subscription and the notes (with windows) integrate into Cellartracker. Most typically they reckon to drink in the first year or two, or wait around ten years after the vintage. I’m currently working my way through various 07/09/10/12, and had a 2003 Zilliken last night that was sold by TWS a couple of years ago. But I think anything older than 2015 (a big, high acid, high quality vintage) is probably pretty ready.


I got the 2019 earlier this year at L&W for £90 so I agree the price is stable which is a great plus

I was going to say ‘never’ to the question ‘when do you drink Spatlese?’

Then I checked Cellartracker and find we have one bottle of German wine, and that is a Spatlese Riesling that Mrs. M bought as a souvenir when we visited Weingut Wehr winery on the Mosel in April.

When we’ll drink it, and what with, goodness only knows.