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What's your wine line-up for Christmas Day?

Amazing! That 1947 Vouvray… 100 points and could go for another 50 years - WOW!!


I’m still struggling with this. I’m more sure of New Year when we have magnums of Beaucastel 1996 and Château Trois Chardons plus Hébrart NV and Château Coutet 1988 (always assuming I can find them in the wine fridge).


Maybe start digging now ?! :joy::joy:

Looks like @strawpig has snapped up the lot!

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To paraphrase a quote to do with Maotai (Chinese high alcohol spirit) - so expensive, that it is the ultimate backhander (or ‘corporate gift’ for those who are coy about corruption).

“People who buy Moutai never drink it. Those who drink Moutai do not need to buy it."

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Really shouldn’t be writing this, but both kids have tested (lateral flow) 5 negative consecutive days following the family PCR on Sunday that grounded only me and MrsB. I’m starting to dare think about a family Christmas and Boxing Day wine line-up again :grimacing:


I think I would be feeling fairly confident in your position now. How what’s in the shortlist for the line up?

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Don’t! There’s still a week to go. They’re probably waiting for day 10 of our quarantine before succumbing.

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Me, wife and toddler are supposed to be going to my mother’s for Christmas Eve, but at the moment the feeling is very much of cases closing in on all sides with nowhere to run. The toddler is also very snotty and being eyed with increasing suspicion.


Aaargh, I know the feeling. How does the toddler accept the lateral flow swab?

Rapid replanning of “Christmas with my parents” as both of us have been pinged as close contacts at work. Seven days of LFTs and a PCR tomorrow… searching through the reserves here to see what Christmas wine might look like.

The (very nearly) 4-year old is adamant that he’s having Christmas with his grandparents. I predict an unwelcome clash with reality…


Ah, sorry to hear that. I don’t envy you that conversation / bubble bursting.

I’m hoping that boosters might hold off any positive tests. Fingers crossed that you get a good Christmas after your recovery!


This lot is currently on the cards. Current expectations are to for 6-8 adults each day so might sneak another couple of bottles in

Name Producer Vintage
Bin #006 Tasmanian Pinot Noir The Other WIne Co 2018
Mary Delany Chenin Blanc Citrusdal Mt Botanica wines 2017
The Foundry Roussanne The Foundry 2018
Hermitage La Petite Chapelle Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2013
Bourgogne Les Setilles Olivier Leflaive 2018
Meursault Ormeau Domaine Coche-Bizouard 2014
Vinya Cucut Franck Massard 2015
Bohorquez Reserva Bohorquez 2010
Dalamara Paliokalias Kostis Dalamára 2013
Etna Rosso Pietradolce 2019
Hermit’s Hill De Bortoli 2017
Ulysse Cazabonne Sauternes Cazabonne N/V
20 Year old Tawny Graham’s N/V
Napoleon Amontillado Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana N/V (2021)
The Society’s Brut Champagne Alfred Gratien N/V (2019)
Brut Selection Champagne Gremillet NV (2021)

Fingers & toes crossed for you too


Which bottles are for private consumption?:wink:


There are one or two bottles there I anticipate will be staying in my area of the table…


I’ve managed glancing blows, but certainly not the full regulation number of nostril rotations.


A cracking selection. Quite a lot of overlaps with my plans. Odd that. I’d been contemplating that Etna Rosso with the turkey - light enough for the meat, with enough punch to cut across the richness of the gravy, sausages, bread sauce etc etc.

But my dad is coming and prefers a richer, fruitier red. Perhaps the Bohorquez. Dilemmas, dilemmas.


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The luck seems to have turned…

I’ve always said tenacity was one of the most underrated virtues, but with copious use of Voodoo dolls and incantations, it appears that Christmas may be back on. IE, we won’t be having Turkey on each of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Instead, my MiL will be doing Beef Bourguignon - an excellent wine opportunity if ever there was one - on the Eve…alas it will be Turkey on Christmas Day, but some Santorini or Grüner Veltliner may just rescue that, and my own mum phoned me last night to say she’s decided we’re having duck on Boxing Day (lots of silent fist pumping when that announcement was made over the phone and mental Madiran-selecting).

And then if that excitement wasn’t enough, this unexpectedly landed this afternoon (the tardiness of the process lead me to believe it would be a post Xmas arrival )…

If the box of Scallops arrive on time in the week, then Christmas is well and truly saved!