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What's your wine line-up for Christmas Day?

Totally agree - and if I’m going to buy from Aldi their Cremant du Jura is better than their Champagne.


Thanks for the prompt now I can refer to this list (although I may change my mind)
Off to the outlaws for 3-4 nights so plenty of provisions will be required.

With hot smoked salmon that I’m planning on doing overnight plus the usual cooked breakfast and croissants.
Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV
Nyetimber Classic Cuvée MV

Usually a gin and tonic around midday from a recently gifted bottle

Pre-dinner Whites probably 1 or 2 of the below. The balance for other days.
Domaine André Bonhomme Viré-Clessé Cuvée Spéciale 2017
J.L. Chave Sélection St. Joseph Circa 2018
Domaine de Montine Viognier Grignan-les-Adhémar Blanc 2020
The Foundry Roussanne 2017

Turkey about 4pm with some Red Rhone
Famille Perrin / Perrin & Fils Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Grange St Martin La Pointe du Vent 1.5L 2015
Bosquet des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape A la Gloire de mon Grand-Père 2012
Famille Brunier Châteauneuf-du-Pape Piedlong 2012
Château Mont-Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2012
Domaine Le Clos des Cazaux Vacqueyras Cuvée Grenat Noble 2015

Sofa time / Boxing Day Venison / other day/s
Domaine Delubac Cairanne Les Bruneau 2016
Château Mont-Redon Lirac 2016
Domaine Roche Cairanne 2015
Bodega de Bardos Ribera del Duero Bardos Reserva 2016
Mullineux Great Heart Roundstone 2019
Bodega Norton Centenario Finca Perdriel 2016
Bleasdale Frank Potts 2015
Château Ampélia 2016
Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc 2018
Château Bouscassé Madiran 2010
Journey’s End Cabernet Sauvignon Sir Lowry Barrel Selection 2015
La Bastide Blanche Bandol 2015

Sweets with pudding etc
Château Rieussec 375ml 2011
Warre Porto Vintage Quinta da Cavadinha 2001


Wow, great selection, can I come too please…? :laughing:


I got an email today from Bluebell offering 25% off 3 bottles on Saturday with code JINGLE2021. Unfortunately they are sold out of their sparkling Seyval Blanc, which I would have bought more off.

Re Christmas wines… all will depend on whether the son & partner are able to travel from Wales to spend a few days over Christmas with us. They were due last year and it was cancelled because of Covid a couple of days before they were due to depart.

Last year I had the wines all planned in advance; this year we’ll wait and see. If they do manage to arrive on 22nd, I’ll let them choose by printing out a wine list from Cellartracker.

We’ll have the roast turkey &etc in the evening, with a sparkling aperitif, red wines with meal and sweetie with Xmas pudding. And Madeira or sweet Sherry with mince pies later. They are blessed with a hearty appetite for both food and wine so I expect to be depositing a lot of bottles in the recycling wheelie bin.

If it’s just the two of us, the a Champagne aperitif, and red with the turkey. I expect we’ll be to stuffed to face the pudding


Haha, what are your babysitting skills like? :thinking::rofl:

Plenty of very good wines that should offer plenty of enjoyment whatever time of day/night they get opened without distracting from the main event.
Might sneak a Pinot Noir in somewhere for myself but the rest aren’t bothered.


I shall decide on the day.

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Pannonhalmi Foapatsag 2017 Infusio

This was my favourite wine of all wines an ex colleague from Hungary used to bring over. Any idea of how to get hold of it in the UK? It was fabulous


I don’t think it is sold in the UK. In Hungary it is released to some retailers in November and gone in a few weeks. You can only get it at the winery (they deliver to Hungary only) outside that window.

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Not the faintest idea. I’ll probably have a root around after breakfast on the day, if I remember.

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Damn I thought that was the case. I just hoped my colleague who said something similar was wrong. It really is a lovely drop. Sounds like you have a good line up for xmas!

Xmas with my family. Mum appreciates the good stuff whilst refusing to ever splash out on it. She gets treated to GC Chablis with crab on Xmas eve.

Xmas day includes sister and bro in-law who’ll drink the good stuff without thinking too much about it. So gone for a middle ground of Domaine Mallory et Benjamin Talmard, Mâcon-Villages for the white drinkers and Domaine Dominique Piron Chiroubles for the red. Preceding this will be Nyetimber Classic cuvee for aperitif. Port later is Graham’s Six grapes, a long way from a vintage option but really does over deliver for a ruby port in that price bracket.


We are away for Christmas with family so this little selection of mostly tried and tested favourites are not just for Christmas Day.


Just Mrs Matthews, our son Martin and yours truly on Christmas day. Despite my earlier post all this pre planning by many of you is making me think…
Martin is not a wine drinker. So it will be a glass of fizz and something to go with duck.
At the moment I am pondering either Burgundy, or cru Beaujolais, or northern Rhone (Cote Rotie), or Ribera Sacra. I can feel indecision creeping in. Then there is Barolo…2016 Brovia…not sure at all.


Something for all occasions right there.

You’re not alone in that indecision. Add an Etna red to your list and that’s something that gets pondered here on an almost weekly basis !


There’s always this.

In honour of, well, everyone, ‘HOW MUCH?!’


Yeah, but to be fair it is six full bottles, no messing around with halves or anything silly.

(Incidentally, do they just put these up to drive traffic from proles like us? - I’d imagine anyone with the intention of having a case like this wouldn’t actually have to go through the rigmarole of surfing the internet, would they?).

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I do wonder that, as surely if you’re in the market for these wines you already have them.

I looked at the individual bottle prices and most of the money is on the Krug and the Whisky, the Cheval Blanc and Huet are just cheap padding.


Just wondering how many cases to buy. Is there a limit?


I can’t imagine Mrs B would consider sharing a bottle of whisky on Christmas Day. I’m going for 3 so I can gift one.