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What's your favourite Society or Exhibition wine?



Another vote here for the Society’s Exhibition New Zealand chardonnay.

The Society’s Hunter Valley semillon too but that’s probably a bit niche.


for me its the Society’s White Rioja - it strikes a great balance between the old and new styles.
Cant see any votes for it as yet but I used to favour the White Burgundy but the Rioja is has a bit more class about it and its a bit less cost.


This is my favourite so far.


The Society’s Chianti Rufina and the Society’s Claret are regular sights in my wine rack. They both give me exactly what I’m looking for in midweek drinking with my meal for cheap.

Sometimes I don’t want to have to think too much but definitely want a Claret with my meal, not “red wine” and it does just that.

Special mention to the Society’s Rioja Crianza which does just the same but I simply drink more of the other two.


Without doubt the crusted port has been my favourite Exhibition wine to date. Sadly now out of stock. I am hoping that a replacement will be available before next winter!


So far i’ve only had one which was the Falanghina (v nice) however there are more Wine Soc wines on the way.

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As staff I doubt I’m going to get a vote on this, but when you love something…

For the money, I have yet to encounter a more joyful bottle to have on hand during sunny weather than this one:

I don’t often buy rosé but this is a go-to for the occasions when I do:

I’m a huge fan of all of the Exhibition chardonnays but if pushed to pick one…

And it’s a tossup between this and the Vacqueyras for favourite red:

(Exhibition Hermitage Blanc is the best wine in the whole range, in my humblest, but none onstream at the mo and it has the price to match!)


Came in to post this and chuffed to see it’s the first response!


I suspect I might be out there with this one, but I don’t think I have ever had a Society or Exhibition bottling…


OK at £54 this Vintage Port is not the cheapest exhibition wine - but blimey it’s the finest.

Does this whisky count as an exhibition wine ?


If it doesn’t it should…though having it as a tasting choice for the online event might be a little impracticable…


But, but, why? :woozy_face:


On the contrary, especially that I would not have to buy a bottle…


The Society’s French Dry White. This is terrific value and has depth and fruit. A full flavour here and our wine tasting group in my village preferred it to a Montrachet costing £85.00. The WS has some very good cheap wine. There is no doubt that price is not everything. The jump up from a sub £10 to £20 plus is often not reflected in quality


For the purpose of the tasting I’d propose the Jumilla. It was in a case of Spanish wines that I ordered a year or so ago and I was seriously impressed at the quality for the price. I’ve since reordered it (I’ll order more soon) as I’ve subsequently developed quite a taste for monastrell /mourvedre /mataro.

Surely you don’t need to showcase the bigger sellers such as the white burgundy or the NZ chardonnay and whilst I don’t know how well the Jumilla sells, IMHO, it ought to be given the plug that it deserves.


Both my wife and I love thee rich, fine textured ,complex fruit
And total deliciousness. We have now resolved to visit Sicily and try other reds but can they they beat the Society s beautiful reserva? The whites from the slopes of Etna are also worth trying.
Laurence and Eileen Measey


I like the Societies Sicilian Reserve.**https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=IT26661**
I have drunk several bottles of the 2014 and i have some of 2015 0n order.
Most people will be drinking wines under £12 bottle. That is obvious because looking through the list most bottles are priced below £12.00. I usually only drink wine with food so dont see the point in spending a vast amount on the wine


Had the Port at Christmas. A price bracket up from our usual, but worth it for the occasion. It was very much enjoyed by all. I was quite relaxed by the time we started it, so no tasting notes!


Agreed on the Hermitage Blanc, the 2014 was wonderful!


For me, the red has to be the Exhibition Haut Medoc. Superb price to quality ratio. A ripe, cccconcentrated, complex claret that probably has many years to evolve, although it never gets that far in my house. My go to match for steak au poivre…

I drink much less white, so nothing leaps out so far - clearly I need to try more!