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What's your best wine memory of 2017?


We’re almost at the end of the year, and as well as all the festivities of Christmas and New Year, there’s also all the preparation and planning for 2018 to start thinking about … hopefully you’ve got great plans for 2018.

Before we get to those, it would be fun to know what your favourite wine (or other beverage) memory is from this year.

What made the greatest impact in your life?

Maybe a discovery, or a moment made even more special with the right glass in hand, or maybe a taste that sparked the sort of memory that you will treasure much more than all the (sadly less than ‘vintage’) other memories of 2017?

I am lucky to have had some great bottles of wine, and some fantastic events (including my mother’s 70th celebration) this year, but if I shut my eyes and think of one occasion where wine was involved, the one that really jumps to mind was sitting on the balcony of our rental house in Nova Scotia (Canada), drinking a local wine (Nova 7 from Benjamin Bridge) to accompany the mackerel and cod that my kids had caught just that morning and we BBQ’d together.

It was by no means the most expensive or complex wine of the year, but it is a wine memory that will last for a long time in my mind, and will keep me motivated in 2018 to do even more fun things with the family.

The view from the balcony that evening

I hope you too have made some great memories this year


Like you Robert, mine was more of the total experience rather than the superiority of the wine. A bottle of Falcini Paretaio from San Gimignano whilst sitting on the walls of the town at the Vecchi Mura restaurant during the summer. The epitome of fantastic Tuscany, delicious local food and wine and very reasonable cost too.
As many reviewers say, “Highly recommended”.


For me it would have to be a Nebbiolo after my long weekend in Piedmont in August. We tasted countless cracking wines over those 3 days, but I’m not sure that any of them were as well earned as the first bottle on the Friday night in the wine bar round the corner from the house. It had been a pretty stressful journey, with flight delays preventing me and my brother from getting a vital train from Milan airport and costing us 95€ for a taxi, and then after meeting with the rest of our party there was a further train delay preventing us getting the last train to Alba. We finally got to the house in La Morra a couple of hours later than planned, and very thirsty and peckish.

There was a wine bar called Le Vigne Bio just around the corner, and they were still serving, so we took a table outside and ordered a Nebbiolo, which came accompanied with olives, bread sticks and lardo. The wine was made by the barman’s brother, and was just the ticket. Fresh and fruity, but some complexity. We drank a few bottles of it over the weekend and, although some of the mature Barolos we had on the Sunday were no doubt finer, that’s the one I remember most fondly and would love to get my hands on again.


What springs to mind for me:

Lovely warm July summer’s evening - ducked out of work and got home nice and early. Handmade chuck burgers on the charcoal BBQ - couple of lobsters on the side. And opened this which I got from the society in a mixed box a couple of years ago. It really set a new standard for me on what varietal Zin can be - beautiful red fruit but balanced as well - soft tannins and that hint of spice - an no hint of jaminess at all!


Ridge Zin – my favourite

I guess you got that 2013 from a 2016 offer.

I got two 2014s in a six pack in January 2017, but the six pack that was offered last month sold out in one day – the one day I didn’t log on so didn’t see the email from TWS.

Next morning I read it, immediately click on the Buy Now button and it had sold out.

The East Bench was only available as part of the six pack…

So we’re not the only Ridge fans in TWS…


September saw me celebrate my 60th birthday with friends, family and two bottles each of these bad boys. Bought en primeur at a reasonable price. It was just lovely to share these bottles and listen to the discussions around the table as we decided which one we preferred. It was pretty much a draw: both were delicious with the Pav Rouge more perfumed and Alter Ego a bit more full bodied.


The Ridge East Bench ZIn 2014 tasted so good as I had just found out I’d be a Dad for the first time. Haven’t tried a bottle since as I think nothing will be as good as that bottle but I’ll try another bottle when the baby arrives at the end of January :smiley:


We had a very memorable trip to Tuscany this year during which there were a number of great wine moments…but I think the top was a visit to Castello dei Rampolla. It certainly wasn’t the grandest estate we visited, but it was one of the most memorable. It was a relatively early tasting, and we got a private tour and really enjoyed chatting to the woman giving the tour and tasting whilst revelling in the obvious passion and pride that she had for the wines and winemaking and that permeated through the estate. I can highly recommend visiting!


Yes - I got the 2013 East bench as part of a 6 pack - bought Dec 2015. Both the East Bench and the Lytton Springs were great - I’ve not cracked the Geyserville yet as I think it needs more time in bottle I also got the 2015 6 pack which as you say went very quick! I think I had my order placed within 5 mins of the email arriving :slight_smile:

Biggest Ridge splurge has been the 2014 Monte Bello… in Magnum :sunglasses: - won’t be ready for a long long time!


Great wine to celebrate a great occasion!


The Burgundy growers tasting back in March. Fantastic wines, and a great chat with the fantastic Jean Marc Vincent. Especially good toward the end when people started drifting off and we were told we could just help ourselves.


Arnaldo Caprai’s vineyard on a warm September afternoon in Umbria, tasting mature Sagrantino di Montefalco.
Caprai’s wines seem impossible to obtain in UK…


Have been giving this some thought. Tough one but it was nice to think back to the various meals and events from the year. As I was chatting it through with my girlfriend I noted how we kept bringing up white wine, which is something I wouldn’t have expected. There were a few standouts, including a bottle of 2010 Meursault 1er Cru Genevrières, Domaine Ballot-Millot from my collection which we enjoyed with frozen lobesters from Lidl and some macaron cheese.

However, her favourite memory from the year was tasting two Riesling Kabinetts from different Von Kesselstatt vineyards at TWS 2015 Germany tasting at Merchant Taylor’s Hall.

After some reflection it was clear that mine ended up being beer!! Specifically the growler supplied by my local micropub of Kew Brewery’s Falling Leaves autumnal red IPA, which we took on a picnic with some cheese and apples and our homemade game pie. The taste and smell was perfectly evocative of the season, went so well with food, and was interesting enough for me to stop and contemplate several times throughout our meal. And the setting was perfect, in the waning light and crisp air amongst the drying fallen leaves.