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Showroom fine wine enomatics

There are some really interesting wines for tasting in the showroom enomatics presently that are well worth the trip, if you live locally…

and a Chateau Gressier Grand Poujeaux 2007, Moulis ( £16.50) that I can’t find on-line. TWS notes = A perfumed, charming 50:50 blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. A winning combination of a superb Moulis vineyard and the care lavished on it by the same family behind Gruaud Larose, Haut-Bages Liberal, Camensc and Chasse-Spleen.

Both the Corton-Charlemagne and the Sommerberg elicited an audible response from me on tasting. Stunning wines, not that I’m in the market for either !


Hope you don’t mind @Embee, ive moved your thread to this wiki. How was the Mulberry Chardonnay? It’s currently in my basket.


Not at all and thanks for doing so. I should have added it to the existing thread in the first place.

I thought it was very good. TWS notes describe it well. Really nutty flavours with a distinctive taste of Granny Smith apple skin was my abiding impression. I think it would make a delicious companion to white fish in a creamy sauce.

I didn’t think it was in the same league as the Norman Hardie wines previously stocked though. For obvious reasons, I can understand why TWS no longer do so.

A note of caution, I usually need to drink half a bottle before I have any confidence in my opinions !


Hi Embee,

Did you manage to taste the Ashton Hills Pinot Noir and if so what did you think of it? Unfortunately TWS HQ is 200 miles from where I live otherwise I would go myself and have a taste.


I did try it but didn’t take notes at the time. This is what I wrote in the notebook this morning though…

Impossible to assess on a micro-taste. Fuller and more powerfully flavoured than Victorian examples ( the ones I’m used to ) but obviously pinot all the same ( not in dry red territory ). Intriguingly different and evidently classy. Need to try more but this could be great.


Thank you for the notes as I’ll be going tomorrow.


I tried the Mulberry Tree this afternoon: I agree with these notes, and found it a very good attempt at a Burgundy-type.

Less impressed by the Barolo, but TWS notes do say that it should be kept at least 5 years.


I found it difficult to assess too but thought it had bags of potential. A bottle and a long decant might help in that respect but I’d be inclined to leave it until its tenth birthday at least ( if I actually had any ! )