What's in your basket May, June & July

I’m now down to my last Cap d’Ousteau. While it did not meet universal approval from our fellow members, I thought it was excellent for a sub £9 claret, with a bit more character than you’d expect at that price. Last one I had suggested it was pretty much at its best right now, so ideal for ‘grab and go’, don’t think there is even much if any sediment.


Plundered Jancis’s value picks for a few of these and as I haven’t drunk an awful lot of good NZ wines I thought I’d give the Fine case a go. I’ve had the entry level Kumeu Chardonnay in the past but keen to try something a bit more upmarket from them. The others are all completely new to me and I’m looking forward to giving them a try.


Prophet Rock is amazing as is Te Mata having one tonight myself. Hope you enjoy them.

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Ah yes, the familar sound of my wallet being emptied. As another member has noted, the remaining stocks of the Rhone 2019 EP have been put up on the website. I’ve grabbed six to be put in reserves to go alongside the Northern Rhone portfolio mixed case (from the EP campaign).


I swear I only went in for a coffe at my local deli / cheesemonger / wine merchant. But while I was waiting for my order, this single bottle wouldn’t stop staring at me.

The poor thing looked lonely so I decided to give it a new home next to the single vineyard Pataille alogotés. I hope it will be happy with its grape-mates…



A small box of goodies arrived today

Seemed a decent price on Vivino (-20%, naturally). Red to keep and white to drink.


What’s the current 20% code?? Or does drinkbetter always work as long as you use a new card?!

As someone with pretty much all those wines sleeping in Stevenage, I’d be very interested to know how they’re all doing!

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Have worked it out, but can’t place an order and now get the error message ‘the items in your cart have changed. Please leave the page and start over’. I’ve contacted their support, but don’t suppose anyone has had the same issue? Apologies for thread drift…

Guest checkout + paypal and you can reuse the drinkbetter.

@Brocklehurstj’s order has tipped me out of my wine buying hiatus (since flaccianello). Thanks! A few punts :slight_smile:

San Marzano
60 Sessantanni Old Vines Primitivo di Manduria 2017
Bottle (0.75 l)

Quantity 1 bottle Price £23.75
Château Léoville Barton
La Réserve de Leoville Barton Saint-Julien 2014
Bottle (0.75 l)

Quantity 1 bottle Price £29.55
Élite 2018
Bottle (0.75 l)

Quantity 1 bottle Price £23.75
Brunello di Montalcino 2016
Bottle (0.75 l)

Quantity 3 bottles Price £74.97
Subtotal (6 bottles): £152.02

Shipping: Free
Coupon discount: £30.40

Order Total: £121.62


Aha! Thanks. Suspect it is the PayPal thing then as I didn’t use that. Cheers!

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I’ve been eyeing that one up myself, and it seems like probably a rather good buy; are you au fait with it? Or giving it a trial run?

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I’ve had some PradoRey before but not at (towards) the top end of their offering. I do trust the penin guide somewhat. At 95 that is a pretty high score. At £19 (the £29.55 above is for the Léoville Barton) delivered via Vivino vs £34 from vinissimus, it’s a low risk punt.


I’ve finally managed to buy a bit of kooyong haven at £28.50.


Mea culpa; I was thinking I remembered it being cheaper than £29.55 when I was looking at it a few days back.

I think the & me may be getting the same emails from Vivino! The 2016 Gran Enemigo Gualtallary Cab Franc 2016 dangles before me, and is a bargain with the 20% off. Sorely tempted I am, as I do like a good Cab Franc; but way above what I’d normally spend on a bottle. Decisions decisions …


The Roero is delicious ! I have 1 bottle left


Yes. It’s very much a case of 🫣🫣🫣 over here.

A small order coming over from St Evanage - mostly repeat buys (e.g. Nerofino, Mares de Luz, Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc etc.).

A few new ones, though - as is the way:

Crémant de Die Brut, Cave Poulet - the forgotten Crémant… has anyone tried it?

This Riesling from Weingut Jülg (drooling just thinking about it… :drooling_face:)

Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc ‘La Borry’, Domaine de Saint-Amant 2019 - love its more expensive brother (available in Waitrose Cellar), so time to try the cheaper one!

And this Pinot Gris from Léon Beyer - worth it for the Hansi label alone, but likely to be much loved in our house:


Patience rewarded me well earlier last week - I hope - when I stumbled across some Boekenhoutskloof Semillon 2017s @ £22/bottle; quite some way cheaper than usual.

I grabbed all [5] of them pronto, with this being one of my all-time favourite wines. One has to live in trust sometimes that such things are a clear-out of stock as opposed to a passing on of poorly-stored bottles.

Only one way to find out and I’m looking forward to craking one open for research purposes on Friday evening :~}