What's in your basket May, June & July

Reading it over coffee as we speak :grinning::+1:


I’ve had it , just not this one …. Let us know what you think :+1:

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ToH enjoyed the Cremant at the weekend - “dry, fruity, delicate and refreshing” is TWS’ description and she concurs. Very good value - as long as you’re not expecting loads of brioche notes.

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Ah! Good to hear :grinning:
I’ll lower my brioche expectations :+1::wink:

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I had this at christmas, it was excellent - wish I could afford De Moor stuff more regularly.

Similarly emboldened by @Brocklehurstj i’ve bought a quintarelli valpolicella and some kooyong too

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It tempted me recently on a similar deal but found it very disappointing. Tried it over 3 nights hoping it would get better but never did.

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Hang on a minute! You can’t pin your Quintarelli splurging on me :innocent:


“Yes, mrs @wine.arbitrageur and the worst thing is he bought 4 Brunello and they weren’t even for drinking now” :wink:


I’m a bit skeptical on vivino direct offers too e.g. this Godello. It’s definitely worth extended validation that the offer is genuine

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I tried that also, along with the Orin Swift 8 years in the desert. All 3 came in heavy bottles and were underwhelming. I get tempted by Vivino 1/2 times a year and invariably end up with overly sweet wines in ridiculously heavy bottles.

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I returned all 6 of those Godello’s back to Vivino after 2 oxidised examples.


I had likewise, though luckily I’d only bought the one Vivino bottle. Previous times from other sources it was very good; quite “thick” for a Godello but still with freshness etc.

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Last Saturday, I popped up the road to Stevenage to pick up one of these:

Inevitably, I had a wander around for a few more:

I’m building up a healthy backlog…


A few that are new to me, and recent discoveries bought again.


Taking advantage of the bin-end discounts + the Il Seggio which was on my (rather lengthy) wishlist and is (was?) low stock. Speaking of low stock, has anyone else noticed that the threshold for applying the label “low stock” seems to have changed to not take effect until the number of bottles remaining are c. <10? On one hand, it’s probably more true to the term, but on the other I imagine once the label gets applied it isn’t much longer before the dreaded “out of stock” label appears!


Old Vines in Young Hands Branco 2020
PW8641• 1 Case of 6 £33.00

Les Pierres Bordes, Marsanne-Viognier, Pays d’Oc 2021
FC41841• 2 Bottles £13.50

The Society’s Exhibition Soave 2020
IT32991• 1 Bottle £13.95

Verdeca, San Moro Puglia 2020
IT33021• 1 Bottle £8.75

Moscato d’Asti Sourgal, Elio Perrone 2021
IT33641• 2 Bottles £17.00

Taking advantage of special offers and community recommendations in one hit. The Old Vines in Young Hands half case is destined to be the base wine for a Kir cocktail or two over the summer. Really looking forward to trying the others, especially the Soave and the Verdeca. Asti is a guilty pleasure going back as long as I can remember drinking wine, and we have enjoyed this particular example before. Very much looking forward to Asti and English strawberries when the time comes :heart_eyes:


A delicious wine! We had it over the weekend with friends and thought it offered excellent value for money (considering it’s from Pieropan). It evolved nicely over the evening and became more honeyed and pear-like. Excellent food wine too.


Had this on my watch list and had to pull the trigger with a reduction.

Chinon Cuvées Domaine de la Noblaie 2017 Pre Mixed Case (thewinesociety.com)

I’ve quite a few of various cuvees from Baudry going back to 2014-16 and Noblaie’s Pierre de Tuf from 14 and 16 so these will provide a nice addition. 2017 supposed to be a decent vintage in Chinon, as has been every vintage back to 2014.


Did you try it on its own as an apero first? And what did you then eat with it?