What's in your basket May - June 2023

A little order of midweek wine with the summer in mind here too, from the Liverpool version for me. And I couldn’t agree more: 40 wines, all of which were pretty superb (and, yes, the Piedmont’s pretty much all could have used a decant, not that it’d be practical to do so), with particular strength in the whites. Had a great evening.

||||Scassabarile Marsigliana Nera Rosato, Santa Venere 2022
IT37181• 1 Bottle £15.50|
| — | — | — |
| — | — ||
||||Brindisi Rosato Vigna Flaminio, Vallone 2022
IT37151• 1 Bottle £9.75|
| — | — ||
||||Passerina Abruzzo, Vigna Corvino 2022
IT37041• 1 Bottle £8.95|
| — | — ||
||||Pinot Grigio, Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Castel Pietra 2022
IT36931• 1 Case of 6 £45.00|
| — | — ||


A birth year wine for reserves, I’ll start cracking them open when the girls turn 18. They won’t want any - who wants fusty old wine at that age - but that’s fine: it’ll be for me to sip and consider how the days go slow but the years go fast…



Small box to reserves as I’ve no space at home and these will be fine for a few years (though the Chianti was delicious on Monday night at the Italy tasting)


I’ve been debating a case of the Chianti to reserves as well. I’ve got a bottle DHLing its way to me tomorrow (hopefully!).

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Ahh, arriving just in time for a sunny (jinxed it) bank holiday weekend:




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Very interested to hear how the Quimay Cab Franc is. Would love to hear about it when you open one.


Ditto please share your thoughts, I’m very tempted to buy a few once my reserves bill is confirmed in a few days!


A couple of impromptu orders to Reserves and a couple of boxes of free (ish) wine to me:


And now thanks to @crocos’ tip-off, three bottles of Barthod Bourgogne 2014 also heading my way.


First order since the winter

Need more whites for summer mostly 1 of each of

Maxim Grunhauser Pinot Blanc 21
Tre Re Famoso 22
Retsina Amphorae Tetramythos NV
Pouilly sur Loire VV Riaux 21
Manseng Noir Plaimont 22
Saarburger Rauch Riesling Spatlese Zilliken 09
Bin 14 PX secco Montila-Morilles
Muscat Turkheim Zind Humbrecht 19
Exhibition Reingau Riesling 20
Societies Cava 20
Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz NV
Ginglinger Cremant D’Alsace
Ochipinti SP68 21
Cos Frappato 21
Vernaccia di San Gimignano Simone Santi 22
Clos Floredine Graves 15
Rexabel Txacoli 21
And a bottle of the high strength gin


In Finland, which is pretty expensive overall. Just picked up from the state alcohol monopoly a bottle of Tondonia 2010 for £36.


A bit of a punt on some Barbaresco from Vivino. Familiar with the story of Prunotto, but have never tasted any of their wines, either pre- or post-Antinori.

With a 10% voucher code, this works out at around £21.50 a bottle.


follow-on from our trip to Lebanon last month; finally arrived home today and proud to show off the bottles we managed to get into our checked-in luggage. Just need to find some space in the already-full wine fridge…

The Kefraya red, 3rd left, is the most anticipated, this wasn’t available to taste, but is a blend of two previously unheard-of-by-me indigenous varieties Assouad Karech and Asmi Noir. The cellar door staff were none the wiser.

Neither are in JRWG, (nor their many synonyms) but VIVC lists both:- ASSWAD KARECH

Interestingly for a wine made in a hot country the ABV is just 11%