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What's in your basket [May-June 2021]

Made it! 6 weeks with one bottle bought and that was in a restaurant.

Topping up a few things that we’ve run low/out of so I’ve ordered a case of

three halves of

As the only cheap fizz in halves on the list at the moment to give it a go - there are days where we don’t want a whole bottle of fizz.

and a

[Edit: wow, the community doesn’t like me today! three go’s to post this!]


I have a few everyday reds in a basket but am waiting to see what the next Bin is before ordering them. The 2017 Massolino is still on the Barolo remainder list, so I am considering a case of that, too.

We’ll see what the greek offer holds and what I buy for myself rather than niece from the incoming Bordeaux EP before saying just how well the wine buying break has gone in terms of resetting my wine buying habits!


These Bagnums are brilliant and such lovely wines, although I’ve yet to order their Rosé. I can see an order in my future though :smile:

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They released an orange (skin-contact aligote) bagnum in conjunction with Shop Cuvee recently. Was also lovely. Think it sold out fairly quickly though.

@Leah the Rosé is possibly my favourite. If can be (semi)frozen to keep it cool for taking places too (as can the white and I guess the red, but it seems more effective with the rosé). I’m considering having it put in on tap at the moment.

@Stefanovic the Aligote Skin is available in bottles still and is a regular buy for me. Depending on the year I sometimes prefer their non-skin one (which my beard obviously disapproves of, but is the case none the less!).


#influenced :wink::joy:


Small reserves withdrawal as I didn’t want to alarm Mrs Brocklehurstj and need to make some room before the next batch at the end of the month (reserves bill in June).

This is my first withdrawal of an EP purchase (mixed case was 2 of each of the bottles on display), so looking forward to sampling these and also to opening one of the Pinots that seem fairly well-regarded on these pages.


I think Étienne de Montille said in the video with Toby that his favourite vintage for whites to drink now is 2018. Even if I am mistaken, you are in for a treat (or twelve). Incidentally I just had a different 2018 white Burgundy today and it was great, with the salinity alluded to by EdM.

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Thanks, excellent reminder, will most likely get popping even sooner!

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The last few wines I have purchased have been heavily influenced by @Inbar [Italian reds]. I did enjoy the Teroldego, that was more opulent, decadent even than The Society’s Valpolicella Ripasso

That said, to date, the Ripasso is my favourite wine that I have thus far drunk.

From reading a Reddit post in the r/Wine sub-Reddit on French wine, more specifically, a poster who was working their way through various French wine regions, and had asked for recommendations, I arrived at the sudden realisation that I hadn’t any real experience with French reds beyond Beaujolais.

At the very start of the year - and my TWS membership - I included a Bordeaux Chateau Lary Tagot, but nothing beyond that. I would like to think that my palate has become a little more developed over the last few months, and my QPR is hovering between £10.00-£12.00 (oh you sweet, summer child), I thus thought it would be an opportune time to start my French red journey with the Château Argadens as my entry level Bordeaux. Particularly, given my recent explorations of Italian reds inc. an Amarone, which nudged me to the realisation that I really do need to buy a decanter to start decanting some wine.

I did purchase a pack of Repour for future use, because I am the only one in my household who drinks wine, and many times I struggle to finish a bottle in 3 days. I certainly am not buying wines either in quality of quantity to justify anything close to a coravin, but I am looking at a system that will allow me to potentially drink the same bottle over a few weeks, especially as I really must exercise my gym membership to rid myself of the Dad bod that I have developed.

TL;DR The Château Argadens is in my basket, ready for collection on Saturday.


Must thank @AnaGramWords for the motivation for this one…


I’m in a similar position to yourself (sole wine drinker in the house and I generally take 5-6 days over a bottle). I used to use a similar system to the repour but I have now pretty much settled on decanting half of the bottle in an empty half bottle corking it and putting in the fridge and the other half I drink from an eto decanter. Not everyone is happy with the results from the etos but they seem to work for me. You might find it interesting to peruse this thread on the topic:

Wow! It’s the first time I’ve motivated anyone on here! I’m normally called a troll!


Hate to break it to you, but I’ve also ordered some based on your recommendation during the Barolo EP.

Hang on, is this a confession? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No, it was ordered yesterday!


Ok, safety back on then :smiley:


@AnaGramWords recommended it when I was suggesting my money might be better spent elsewhere on a vintage like '17 and bemoaning the way the press were bigging it up as a vintage all of a sudden. I put it on ~the list~ to order some when I could.

I did also email member services about a case of Massolino 2017.


And did you get the Massolino?

I’ve not actually heard back from them yet!