What's in Your Basket March - April 2023?

A bit of a splurge this month. The Grivot and the Oregon, the latter courtesy of @Inbar’s recent recommendation, are from The Wine Society, the others from my local wine merchant and another online merchant. The Dugat-Pys were considerably less than secondary market prices, I hasten to add.

The links to The Society wines;

Domaine Jean Grivot, Vosne-Romanée 2014

Elk Cove Mount Richmond Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir 2019


I picked this lot up in Calais Vins on the way back from a day trip to Montreuil-sur-Mer. Great selection and they were even kind enough to write me a Zapptax invoice mentioned by @Williambarra in the Booze Cruise thread.


I managed to buy 2 bottles (halves) of Muga Reserva

I was deliberating over the 2015 & 2017 Thalabert, but I really want halves at this stage, until I have the chance to actually sample Thalabert (am attending the L&W Rhone tasting on Monday).

Rioja is not a varietal that I actively buy, but I did enjoy a half bottle of 2016 a while ago, and my mother’s partner enjoys Rioja.

I must admit that the ‘Low Stock’ swung me, especially with the Muga sold in half bottles. Half bottles are perfect for my consumption pattern, and greatly mitigates punting on a bottle.

I’m also an heretic who prefers the Muga to LdH Cubillo.


I’m a LdH fan but there’s nothing to be ashamed of in preferring Muga Reserva. It’s also excellent and I really enjoyed the 2018.

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Me too, really looking forward to it. Just a pity it came too late for the TWS EP.

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I am attending this tasting as well, their tastings are usually good so I am hoping this one will be as well.


Huge relief all-round as the local Intermarché has re-stocked with this best-kept secret bargain. (I’m confident that most of the readers here aren’t poised to rush down there this afternoon)

This is a Tannat-Cab Franc, plus a dab of Pinenc, Reserve St. Mont from the Plaimont co-op and now approaching 7 years to the good and is ridiculously priced for such a complex, mature, lengthy and satisfying wine. Another three in the panier…


Powers that be please bring in more Plaimont wines …!!

Just spent far to much money on Waitrose Cellar sale 25% of. Three really good savings I could not bring myself to pass on. Muga Especial Reserve, Musar, and Querciabella.


Should read off

Likewise on the Musar, but I went for the Boekenhoutskloof Syrah too :+1:

The Musar magnum looked like 2012

I went for one of these, my order says 2016 vintage.

Actually, having looked again following your screenshot, I think I’m confused as I got a some single bottles as well which were 2016, but the magnum is 2012.

These arrived yesterday - very fine vintage!


A little shopping for me (the Greek white) and some for my mother when she comes to visit later this month! Thanks for the discounts Vivino.


Hmmm. Not at all helpful for planning purposes.

Please keep an eye out for our email or text to confirm your two-hour delivery slot the day before delivery.


Your parcel from Wine Society is with your local DHL Parcel UK driver for delivery today between 08:58 and 20:00.

|||The Society’s White Rioja 2020
SP17751• 1 Bottle £9.25|
| — | — |

|||The Society’s Exhibition Pouilly-Fumé 2019
LO17081• 1 Bottle £17.50|
| — | — |

|||Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2021
LO17241• 1 Case of 12 £131.00|
| — | — |

|||Chinon Blanc ‘Chante le Vent’, Domaine de la Noblaie 2021
LO17781• 1 Bottle £12.95|
| — | — |

|||Sancerre Cuvée Silex, Domaine Serge Laloue 2020
LO17181• 1 Bottle £21.00|
| — | — |

|||Jurançon Sec Chant des Vignes, Domaine Cauhapé 2020
FC42841• 1 Bottle £11.50|
| — | — |

|||Jurançon Geyser, Domaine Cauhapé 2021
FC44221• 1 Bottle £13.50|
| — | — |

|||Corse-Calvi Fiumeseccu, Domaine Alzipratu 2021
FC42221• 1 Bottle £16.00|
| — | — |

|||Soave Classico Calvarino, Pieropan 2020
IT35231• 1 Bottle £22.00|
| — | — |

|||Gewürztraminer, Weingut Jülg 2021
GE15131• 1 Bottle £13.50|
| — | — |

|||Dr.Loosen Red Slate Riesling, Mosel 2021
GE15231• 1 Bottle £13.50|
| — | — |

|||Domaine Gonon, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse 2021
BU82871• 1 Bottle £14.50|
| — | — |

|||Sandhi Central Coast Chardonnay 2020
US10451• 1 Bottle £22.00|
| — | — |

Order subtotal £318.20
Delivery £0.00

Order total £318.20


Now 12.30, driver on delivery slot 19 while my slot is 122. Feature of my address that I often seem to be at the tail end of DHL routing.

Huge chance this does not turn up today- will not be the first time this has happened. WFH Friday a great opportunity to take deliveries, but no help at all when they do not show… and really feel for the poor drivers who are generally knackered when they arrive (having taken a load of grief for something they cannot control).

TWS delivery used to be the best in the business and now it is repeatedly crap. Very reluctant to have “fine wine” spending multiple days in the back of a DHL van = more money spent elsewhere.

At least I could get a single bottle delivered for free, but that not at all helpful when you have no idea when it will turn up (I fundamentally disagree with that policy and always look to order 12+ bottles at a time)

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It’s a little bit of a lottery. I’m also out of the van catchment area, but our local DHL services seem reliable. I can almost guarantee before putting an order in that the courier will give us a slot between 15:00 and 16:00 (and stick to it!).

I am just not sure how it is acceptable to schedule so many slots… assuming a 10 hour day, that is 12 deliveries per hour. I know I am in a location with dense population - London N4 (so drive distance between slots is short… but roads are very congested, often nowhere to park etc).

Cheap / free delivery is all very well but this is physically demanding work, long days, driving on congested roads = dangerous. Someone in the chain eats the cost of this stuff, and arguments about capacity in the delivery networks do not fit my experience.