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What's in your basket [March-April 2021]

The 2017 M-C Bürgergarten is one of the best dry Muscats I’ve had from anywhere. Think the Haart will be pretty good, will be interested to hear what you think.


You and @cerberus seem to agree on this (just saw the same wine is still available together with your review)… might need another bottle in that order…

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Yowza, hopefully the new vintage is better VFM

RH46471 Gigondas Tradition Moulin de la Gardette 2015 £19.00 6 Bottle £114.00
FC38271 Carignan Domaine la Tasque 2016 £15.50 1 Bottle £15.50
SP16311 Coca i Fito Jade Montsant 2016 £12.50 1 Bottle £12.50
HU1521 Kekfrankos Reserve Heumann 2016 £15.50 1 Bottle £15.50
SA16291 Glenelly Estate Reserve Stellenbosch 2013 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
RH57391 Syrah Les Graviers Vin de France Domaine Julien Cecillon 2019 £12.95 1 Bottle £12.95
BU70621 Ch de Marsannay Marsannay Favieres 2017 £33.00 1 Bottle £33.00
BU63551 Domaine de Bellene Volnay Les Grands Poisots 2015 £32.00 1 Bottle £32.00
BU66501 Domaine de Bellene Nuits St Georges Vieilles Vignes 2016 £35.00 1 Bottle £35.00
GR1841 Nomas Assyrtiko Karavitakis 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
IT30791 Barbera d’Alba Nadia Curto 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
RH52611 Gigondas Pierre Aiguille Paul Jaboulet Aine 2017 £80.00 1 Case of 6 £80.00
GE14141 Spatburgunder Markgraflerland Martin Wassmer 2018 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
AL15651 Riesling Brandluft ORGANIC 2018 Boeckel £13.50 1 Bottle £13.50
RH44091 Gigondas Les Racines Domaine Les Pallieres 2015 £135.00 1 Case of 6 £135.00

Arrived yesterday minus 1 bottle


Which one was missing?

SA16291 Glenelly Estate Reserve Stellenbosch 2013 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50

Not a massive issue as it was just a “that might be nice to try” purchase but still a bit annoying. About the 4th time this has happened to me so clearly the message is: if you want it, take delivery ASAP.


That’s very irritating.

Felton Road update: after extensive searching over a period of a week and my refusal of a credit note, my mixed case was eventually found in a dusty corner of the warehouse.


Good news! Presumably it is therefore now safe to crack gin-based jokes, is it…?


Just the tonic I need after the week I’ve had.


After a small mixup over a click and collect order at Waitrose they gave us this by way of apology (rather unnecessarily, but hey…)


I was wondering what the final out come was. Glad its all worked out.

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You’ve not tried it yet…

Nor have I passed any judgement🙄

That’s a real shame - I had a bottle recently and it was excellent, especially at that price. Instantly tried to order a case but greeted by the red box of despair. I do hope future vintages are restocked, especially with '15 and '17 being so good in the Cape.
That Cécillon Syrah is also incredible value.


Just arrived today:


Wines for the online tasting later this month, along with…

Couple of cheap right-bankers - the Grave is a delight every vintage, and I’m sure the '17 will deliver again.

My curiosity got the better of my wallet for the pinot - haven’t had a Central Otago in ages, looking forward to trying this.

And I bought the Exhibition St-Julien so I can leave a review of it under the Peyrabon.


Very good bottle the Glenelly…

Just picked up the last 2 bottles of the 2010 from the showroom


You weren’t tempted to try the ‘12 @Rafa?

Well I am but the 2010 is so good that I couldn’t resist getting these last bottles.
I don’t tend to drink Rioja but this is superb!

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So when they sent me the Exhibition Rioja Reserva instead of the Ardanza 2010 and then told me it couldn’t be replaced, there were actually a few bottles hanging around after all…

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