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What's in your basket [March-April 2021]

It’s been 3 days and no orders! New thread started.

Thought I’d grab a few of the German Rieslings from 2019 before they disappear. 2 of each because I can’t afford cases and will almost certainly succumb to one of each in just a few weeks. At least this way there is a slight chance I will get to experience some secondary characteristics.


I’ve gone for mainly wines I haven’t yet tried with a few top ups of wines that I’ve enjoyed previously.

RH46461 Crozes Hermitage Domaine Rousset 2015 £14.95 1 Bottle £14.95
SA16291 Glenelly Estate Reserve Stellenbosch 2013 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
IT29391 Puiatti Friuli Ribolla Gialla 2019 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
SA16201 Babylons Peak Wedge Pinotage Swartland 2018 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
SA16241 Perdebee Shiraz Darling 2017 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
LO15881 Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Ch Oiseliniere de la Ramee 2018 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
SP16231 Blau Montsant 2019 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
IT30811 Salice Salentino Riserva Vallone 2017 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
NZ12011 Kumeu Village Hand Harvested Chardonnay 2019 £10.50 2 Bottle £21.00
SH531 Romate Fino Perdido £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50
LO15981 Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie Comte Leloup Centenaires Ch de Chasseloir 2016 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
IT29941 Aglianico del Vulture ‘Alvolo’ Alovini 2017 £14.95 1 Bottle £14.95
SH931 Alegria Manzanilla £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
FC39001 Corbieres Rouge Dom du Trillol 2016 £6.95 1 Bottle £6.95
IT30941 Vespolina Colline Novaresi La Mostella 2017 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
RH60081 Clos des Cazaux Vin de France Non Vintage £9.50 1 Bottle £9.50
IT29861 The Society’s Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2018 £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50

Mostly for immediate consumption…

…the discount sealed the deal on that.

And a mixed case to reserves to be pulled in three or four years time…

3 x Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett 2019, Schloss Lieser
3 x Niederberg Helden Riesling Spatlese 2019, Schloss Lieser
2 x Heldenstuck Riesling Trocken 2019, Schloss Lieser
2 x Holle ‘Im Neuenberg’ Riesling Trocken 2019, Kunstler
2 x Stielweg Riesling Trocken Alte Reben 2019, Kunstler.


I’m trying to strictly buy no wine for delivery until I’ve made some more space for it. Consoled myself by sending some of this to reserves (pushing the limit of what I’m prepared to spend, but in my view just a superb wine):


Trying to keep a cap the price for ‘everyday’ bottles a bit at the moment while En Primeur season is upon us again. This little lot will arrive next week:

FC39821 Bin #008 Manseng Noir 2019 £9.95 2 Bottle £19.90
GR1801 Kompsos White Karavitakis 2019 £9.95 2 Bottle £19.90
GE13491A Spatburgunder Estate Aldinger 2018 £12.50 1 Bottle £12.50
SA16421 Miles Mossop The Introduction Chenin Coastal 2019 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
NZ12321 Martinborough Vineyards Te Tera Martinborough Pinot Noir 2019 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95
IT31011 The Society’s Sicilian Reserve Red 2017 £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50
RH57581 Cotes du Rhone Domaine Jaume 2019 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
CE11311 The Society’s Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo 2019 £7.95 1 Bottle £7.95
IT30971 Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva Castel Firmian Mezzacorona 2016 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
PW7991 Crasto Douro 2018 £10.95 1 Bottle £10.95

Looking forward to the Manseng and having some more of the Kompsos white. Really enjoyed that the first time around :+1:t2:


I thought about starting this thread and then didn’t find energy to audit what I bought in the last week! I would have to rename the topic to “what’s not in your basket” :joy:

FC39821 Bin #008 Manseng Noir 2019 £9.95 3 Bottle £29.85
GR1781 Hatzidakis Skitali 2017 £38.00 1 Bottle £38.00
BJ8491 Ch d’Emeringes Beaujolais Villages Vieilles Vignes 2019 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
AA3081 Familie Mantler Roter Veltliner Niederosterreich 2019 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
GR1811 Kompsos Liatiko Karavitakis 2019 £9.95 3 Bottle £29.85
SA15571 Fistful of Schist Reserve Cinsault Shiraz Mourvedre Swartland 2019 £6.50 1 Bottle £6.50
FC39811 Cinsault Herault Mas Laval 2019 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
GR1841 Nomas Assyrtiko Karavitakis 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
IT30191 Ciro Rosso Gaglioppo Santa Venere 2018 ORGANIC £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50

Arriving tomorrow :grinning:

Just had to go back in for some more of the Kompsos (neither of us as taken with the white, nothing wrong with it, just not as blown away as by the red, which is a real find, so kudos again to TWS), and with the hotel in Greece that we should be going to in a few months (deferred booking from last year) recently sending a very lukewarm email recently to the effect of 'looking forward to you coming if we’re still trading by then ', I thought we could drown our sorrows one evening a la @peterm and have a Greek evening with the Santorini.

And, I’ve been considering (agonising over? It is only wine after all…) the 2017 Barolo EP offering (s) and kind of came to the conclusion that by the time it’s in my cellar (2023?), 2008 (a brilliant vintage) 2011 (a lovely, easy-on-the-eye vintage) and 2013 (an outstanding vintage, according to some of the producers) will all be solidly in or entering into their drinking window. So I did the only sensible thing and used the 2017 fund to purchase some more 2013…

First-time foray into Fenocchio, liked the sound of this one (higher score from Kerrin O’Keefe than 2016’s, and according to CT from Fenocchio themselves) any thoughts from the aficionados gratefully received :grinning:

Only 30 wines in the Alsace section now. Might there be an offer/release soon?


I’m hoping for the same…! It’s been dwindling for some time now, so fingers crossed you’re right :pray:

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Order just delivered, a few bottles of non alcoholic beer and some wine to make up the numbers from the TWS list.


Wow, that’s a lovely selection of wines you’ve got there. Would love to hear your thoughts on the eiswein even if that is in five years time !

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I’m guessing the wine fillers paid for themselves with the free delivery?

Very nice line up there (including some consolation wine!). Does the Faurie say if it’s a blend of all three Hermitage vineyards? The WS notes indicate it should be but the J-LL review from that year refers to a blend of two.

Indeed. It does not say on the label which cuvee, it is a gold capsule (in line with the TWS picture) so it is either the TWS blend or Bessards - Meal. Looking forward to it either way. A long decant might be needed.

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Some 2019 Kumeus have just arrived on the main site so I’ve had a bite this morning along with some other NZ chards I like. There goes any 2019 white burg ep

2 X Hunting Hill
2 X Dog point
2 X Neudorf Rosie’s block


Mostly for popping open over the next few months, but may keep the Aupilhac for a bit longer [though I’m keen to try it to know whether to get some more in just in case it does a disappearing act etc; anyone tried it yet?].

Looking forward to all of them, with many being familiar friends. The Mourchon Séguret Rosé is a new one for me though, and particularly looking forward to trying that one, loving a good rich rosé as I do. Ditto the Lysa Verdelho and the Nomas Assyrtiko. If that Assyrtiko is as good as I’m hearing for that price, I shall certainly be a very happy chappy.

RH57391 Syrah Les Graviers Vin de France Domaine Julien Cecillon 2019 £12.95 1 Bottle £12.95
SA15741 Lysa Verdelho Stellenbosch 2019 £19.00 1 Bottle £19.00
GR1841 Nomas Assyrtiko Karavitakis 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
CM20631 The Society’s Exhibition Pauillac 2011 £22.00 1 Bottle £22.00
RH54451 Crozes Hermitage Blanc Domaine Rousset 2018 £16.50 1 Bottle £16.50
GR1801 Kompsos White Karavitakis 2019 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
RH57031 Cotes du Rhone Villages Seguret Rose Soubois Domaine de Mourchon 2019 £13.50 1 Bottle £13.50
BU75991 Domaine de la Rochette Mont Sard Macon Bussieres 2019 £14.95 1 Bottle £14.95
FC38061 Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc Cocalieres Domaine Aupilhac 2018 £19.00 1 Bottle £19.00
GR1811 Kompsos Liatiko Karavitakis 2019 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
RH57151 Lirac Blanc La Fermade Domaine Maby 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
IT30351 Dragon Langhe Bianco Luigi Baudana 2019 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95
PW8291 Vadio Bairrada Branco 2019 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
HU1671 Rose Villany Heumann 2020 £9.50 1 Bottle £9.50
BU63271 Joseph Burrier Vire Clesse Quintaine 2015 £16.00 1 Bottle £16.00

Member Services confirmed that it is the three vineyard blend.

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Just received these 2 beauties :wine_glass:



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