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What's in your basket [July/Aug 2019]



We are fans of Domaine Richeaume wine so hope you enjoy. Also of Hochar. Not tried the others…yet.


On the basis of many a positive word on here I’m currently tempted by the Kooyong case

Over the past few weeks I’ve already sneaked into reserves a few bubbles…

(At the sale price of £144 for 6)

And this Riesling case…


Also tempted by some/all of the Kit’s Koty collection from Chapel Down after their impressive performance in the DWWA. (Though the inclusion of the £100 bottle is putting me off the mixed case tbh).

Anyone on here tried any of them?



I tried the 2013 BdBs in February, at a bar in London, so probably paid close to £100 for a £40 bottle. I recall it being very nice indeed, but my judgment may be impaired by my overall memory of the evening; it was a well loved former bosses leaving do and a heck of a night!


It seems odd that the Society Champagne shows here as out of stock. I can still order on the website without any problem!?
(At the offer price).


Very odd. And still on sale at the same price so not due to that…

EDIT - I maybe should’ve read all your post!


A good bottle still sticks in the mind. Just the well articulated notes to back up the gut feeling that may be missing.


If you like Richeaume, then I hope you have tried their Cuvée Columelle. More like £30 but a big step up from the basic Tradition bottling.


No I haven’t- never seen it so will keep an eye out. Thanks for tip.


So, it was good a gracious old wine. No point in keeping much longer.