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What's in your basket [July/Aug 2019]



This is beautiful, one of my fave wines, just waiting until the credit card cycles so I can get a half case ordered, well recommended, just please nobody buy it all up before I place my next order…:thinking:


The Gnarly Head Zin caught my eye the other day and I’m wondering what it’s like. I mostly drink Ravenswood and Brazin which I like a lot, but Ravenswood seems to have gone up quite a bit recently, and also seems to have fallen out of favour at TWS, possibly due to the price hike.


I thought the Gnarly Head was up there with Brazin, would be interested in other people’s view.


Just topping up mainly with some daily drinking chardonnays for the CEO - Society’s Chilean, Winery of Good Hope from South Africa plus some Navajos Rioja blanco and Domaine Laborie for a lighter red. Did snag a few bottles in the M&S sale - Lustau-produced dry oloroso halves for £6 and the last remaining bottle of 2015 Bolney BdN brut for £11. Then a tempting email from BBR offering a case of 12 x 2016 Coutet halves for £130 - but stood firm and resisted that one as I already have 11 bottles of a case of 2014 plus a few other random halves and full bottles of Sauternes. And I drink it very rarely…


The magic van came today. It was a green one, not the expected red, but I’m not complaining.
Opened the Gnarly so I’ll put my thoughts in the appropriate weekday drinking thread.


Had the same email and couldn’t resist a case of that Coutet to stick into storage for some point in the future!


I put an order through yesterday, which included the two Portuguese wines for the September #twstaste as well as the two Semillon bottles for the Guerilla tasting. Amongst other bottles, I also got this Chasselas from the Loire:

And this Aligoté from Sylvain Pataille (inspired by an article about the grape in the recent Decanter):

I wonder if anyone had tried either of these?


No, but I would like to!


I had the Pataille Aligote (albeit the 2016) and it did hit the spot. I have an inexplicable interest in the grape so might have tried more than most including from Bouzeron. This one is up there with the good examples and 2017 might be better than 2016.


Thanks, @szaki1974! This sounds very promising!
The Decanter article about the varietal had definitely piqued my interest in trying better examples of it - the few I tried to date were in the main uninspiring (though, actually, Tesco does a nice example from one of the Co-ops, which I did enjoy recently).

I’m looking forward to trying it!


The Pouilly sur Loire is a particular favourite of my partner. Nice subtle, floral wine. Think you will like it. Think I might try the Aligote myself as well.


And I trust your judgement! :+1::+1: :grinning:


I tried Pataille’s 2014 Aligote in December 2016, these were my notes…

Simple but characterful and packed with energy. Sharp, yet seemingly ripe, acidity, tart but rounded fruit, green apple flavours with a mineral core, food friendly, well balanced, real purity of flavour.


Based on the Decanter WWA review and a supporting note on this community a case of this has gone into reserves:-


I’d be very interested to know your opinion on this, i’ve got it coming on Tuesday!

It’s been aaaaaaaaaaages since we got a case of everyday bottles in so @Polly and we have pushed the boat out for some awesome stuff. I’d love to hear anyone’s view on the below :slight_smile:


Personally I think the Hochar is exceptional value for money. Levels of complexity that you don’t often get at that price. Great wine! That said I’ve only tried the '15 not the '16 but I do have the '16 waiting! And although it is cheaper than the Chateau Musar, they don’t like it being called a ‘second’ wine. In their view it’s different and stands on its own. Which I’d agree with and it will take some cellaring if you want. There is another Musar called Musar Jeune which is not oaked and specifically designed to be fruity for early drinking. Shame I’ve never seen it on TWS, though there are others selling it in the UK.


Aw thanks! Good to know that it’s not been made as a ‘second’ wine, but rather has it’s own identity.


Cracking line up @Nowt_in_my_glass!

Mendel, Cordier & Provence Blanc are all on ‘The Wishlist’ ™. Godello is going on now.
Montefalco purchased but slumbering.
Pourquoi purchased but V.2016 and was delicious


I think it’s a separate vineyard entirely … although that information is based on hazy memory alone!


Does alcohol kill brain cells…or only make you remember the important things?